I'm Laura, a 24 years old artist. I love drawing and I do it since I was a child and it represents my purest passion and my better way to communicate.

Despite I studied different subjects, as Languages and Tourism, I never stopped painting and learning new art techniques (by myself): i started with Mangas and I continued with coloured and black and white portraits, watercolors and finally acrylics.

I joined two important projects, both organized by the art gallery so called Wunderkammern and the organization Melting Pro, as "Space Torpignattara" woking together with the great artist Tellas (we realized a 30m mural) and "Youhood Melilla",an european project that linked together three different coutries (Holland, Spain and Italy) in the city of Melilla, near Morocco, to do that big wall. I worked with great artists such as Jerico Cabrera Carandang and Xaviera Altena. 

I joined also art exhibitions: two photo exhibitions in Tivoli in 2019; FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION that is an annual event that allows international artists to share their passion, in 2019 and 2020 (this is an event organized by the association Hawana Family); live painting in the pub called "Parco Appio" in Rome, also organized by the Hawana Family.


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