Ros Lenci

Ros Lenci

lives and works in Rome, graduated in Graphic Arts, attends the Academy of Fine Arts and over the years deepens the study of oil painting. parallel to his artistic research he joined, until 2009, the AICA board of the Italian Culture and Art Association and organizes cultural events in the territory of the VI municipality of Rome. There are many collaborations, Upter of Rome, Ministry of Education, Lar free Academy of Rome.

"His research summarizes the fusion of dreamlike and real suggestions in which the human, feminine and animal universe move in urban and natural landscapes. The dark and bright atmospheres tell the hidden and secret side that has always lived in the most deep and ancient of humanity "

From 2000 to 2020 there are many events in which the most important participates: Biennale di Roma Sala del Bramante, Galleria Agostiniana Rome, Spazio Vetrina Rome Pzza dei Cinquecento, Galleria Epireo Rome, La Bottega delle Arti Arezzo, Orsini Fortress ex-granaries Pitigliano ( GR), Pisa Expo Stazione Leopolda, The sense of place, Momart Caffè Roma. Fairs: Vitarte, Imagina Arte at the fair, Contemporanea, Forlì fair. His works are permanently at Studio d'Arte Ros Lenci in Rome.

Gazometro  Rome, oil on canvas cm 120x100
Baba Jaga  oil on canvas cm 120x80
Afrodite olio su tela cm 30x30  <i class='fa fa-question-circle' aria-hidden='true' data-toggle='tooltip' title='Translation is missing. We show the original text in Italian'></i>

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