Marco Simoni

Marco Simoni was born in Rome in 1986. His father's old reflex camera ignited his interest in photography, which was to take shape definitively in 2010 when he decided to move to New Zealand. There he took the first pictures, in contact with an incredible nature and with the secular traditions of the Maori, moments that he will never again relive, unique and unrepeatable.
He returned to Rome after 4 months around the world and he decided to attend a Photographic Academy that will lead him to achieve the title of Photojournalist, and it is there that finally begins his adventure:
Southeast Asia, but especially Africa, are too influential destinations, where he decides to take refuge whenever possible.
Over the years he collected in his passport the most disparate stamps: from India to Cambodia, from Namibia to Madagascar from Guatemala to the remote Polynesian islands.

In 2013 he was a finalist at the International Photography Award for Nature and Environment "Oasis".

Panthera leo cubs