Miriam Modena

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I was born in Turin in 1991.

I live and work in Turin. I am graduated in the Santa Giulia Academy of Fine Arts in "New Technologies of Art".


In 2007 I participated in the exhibition "Ars Captiva, Paths of creative liberation" with a collective work. In 2008 the first work, previously mentioned, "The raft of the jellyfish (caged freedom)" is permanently installed in the Italo Calvino Public Library in Turin.


In 2009 I participated in the "You Prison" stage at the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation which I concluded with a collective performance inside a cell-building of the Serbian architect Anna Miljacki. This experience of sharing and training made me mature a job, I exhibited it at "Ars Captiva - Horror Vacui Horror Pleni" with the title "In the beginning  it was the verb".


In May-June 2010 the work is exhibited in Berlin at the VBM 20.10 Contemporary Art and on that occasion purchased by a German collector.


In 2010 I participated in the internship at the Museums School institution working on the examination and selection of sites dedicated to art for schools which I concluded with a report on the graphic-communicative comparison of museum education in the various Italian regions.


In 2011, I took care of the graphics and layout of a catalog for a project of exhibitions by young emerging artists, "WOrK in art".


Since 2005 I have participated, among other things, actively as a volunteer in an ONLUS, being a collaborator and organizer of events, such as parties and charitable activities. This is also why I am fond of children, with empathy I manage to involve them.


From 2014 to 2016 I take a break, to explore the world in which I go to Australia and Bali. Later I return to Italy with clear ideas and start studying "New technologies of art" in Brescia.


In 2016, 2017 and 2018 i exposed in Turin, to the gallery “Pastis”, curated by Andrea Cordero.


In 2019 I exposed a work in Rome and I came back to expose another  one in 2020 with Ilaria Giacobbi as curator.


Now I’m curing 2 calls for artist with Ilaria Giacobbi while I still want to spread my ideas of art doing my videos.




+39 3487529154


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in the beginning was the verb
Something too much
Have you ever got that feeling? just think and...mwaaaah
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