Walter Zuccarini

Walter Zuccarini
Sculpture, land art, applied arts, restoration

Walter Zuccarini's art is the result of a synthesis between a deep knowledge of the techniques of ancient art, passed down from four generations, and the search for an expressive language suitable for conveying a spiritual vision of reality in which the "vertical" existential dimension crosses the horizon of History. His vision is that of a social art, therefore not an elitist one, that is reconciled with craftsmanship and manual skills, of an eco-sustainable and objective art. The feeling of gratitude and veneration for every form of life in Nature, a paradigm of beauty and truth, connects his artistic path to the ecological movements that, in the sixties of the last century, formalized the movement of land art and the work in defense of nature by Joseph Beuys. In the land art that Walter Zuccarini designs and creates, he inserts the element of archetypes that, resonating with the macrocosmic matrix, dynamize the landscape, resonating with the Earth with the universal forces that bring life. Walter Zuccarini is co-founder of La Casa per le Arti, a center for the realization of the project l'Arte salva il Mondo. The project is intrinsically dynamic and exemplifies his ideas on the renewal of art in tune with the currents of cultural change taking place.