Armando Di Nunzio

I exist and live in San Giovanni Teatino, a town in the province of Chieti, in Abruzzo.
Art and Armando have maintained an open dialogue for at least 25 years, when he began his training in the world of art at the State Institute of Art in Pescara V. Belisario, in the section advertising graphics and photography, obtaining the diploma of master of art.

The first approaches with en plein air painting, photography, clay manipulation have marked the beginning of the dialogue with this bizarre torment that is art.

He attended the Academy of Fine Arts in L'Aquila, silently discovering and hatching the fascination for stone sculpture.

After several years of experimentation as self-taught and especially thanks to the meeting with Walter Zuccarini, versatile artist, this silence has turned into a scream, and in fact the artistic baptism as a sculptor takes place in a seminar conducted by the master himself.

He himself declared "despite having touched and tasted the most diverse materials, full satisfaction came to me with the stone because with it I began to learn the art of removing, discovering and reconnecting with the planet I live".

The shapes I find inside the stone come from afar, they seem to me like fossils from the future, as if, from other worlds and other eras present only in our hidden imagination, they were leading us towards a deep dialogue with the elements that surround us.

The fluid and sharp movement of my sculptures, gives me the breath and the audacity of the material.

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