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Born in San Marino where she currently lives. Rich in a cultural education between art and science that includes esoterically dance, yoga and the teachings of Asian art masters U.S. and European. Her gaze on knowledge extends to psychology and epistemology, at the University of Geneva successfully deepens the relationship between art and science. In the Schools of the Republic of San Marino, she develops an experimental project of Environmental Education combining meditation, art and science.

With great interpretative autonomy, she builds on the legacy of her masters Alfredo Bortoluzzi (in turn a pupil of Paul Klee) and the Japanese Meera.

Her work takes shape from a vision, an intuition, an instant of pure presence and silence.

She has always been interested in exploring the duality of life and seeking unity in the various expressions and manifestations of the world.

This year she is exhibiting her latest work "Reflection" at the Venice Biennale in the San Marino Pavilion. It is the result of an investigation into herself that has led her to recognize small/big universal truths, and where she plays with three colours to represent the awareness of who we are in order to live truly interesting times.

2019 - 1,10,100, X Land Art, Sant'Anna del Furlo (Italy)

2019 - REFLECTION n.1, 58th International Art Exhibition, Republic of San Marino Pavilion, FRIENDSHIP PROJECT INTERNATIONAL, Venice (Italy)

2019 - BE_LOVE, Neosim & i Fantastici 4, Palazzo Graziani, Republic of San Marino

2018 - BLACK MIRROR, amore, IX Land Art, Sant'Anna del Furlo (Italy)
2017 - HOM-AGE, 57th International Art Exhibition, Republic of San Marino Pavilion, FRIENDSHIP PROJECT event, Venice (Italy)
2017 - VOLTO dIvINO, VIII Land Art, Sant'Anna del Furlo (Italy)
2016 - BIVERSO, Design Biennale, Circuito Open, Bilune Studio, Rimini (Italy)
2015 - Aleph in Malta, Art Camp UNESCO, Malta
2015 - AA Aleph, VI Land Art, Sant'Anna del Furlo (Italy)
2015 - World Academy, for the EXPO, Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Milan (Italy) 
2015 - Blessed City, Fuzhou International Sculpture Exibition, Fuzhou (China) 
2014 - walk in to the future with knowledge, Rosini Gutman Gallery, Museo della Città, Rimini (Italy) 

2014 - Aleph, Alexander Museum Palace, Pesaro, (Italy) 
2014 - amor, International Sculpture on Ice Symposium, Andorra 
2014 - thedarksideofthelight, 6° Luxor International Painting Symposium, Luxor (Egypt) 
2013 - thedarksideofthelight, San Francesco Museum/Art Gallery, The State Museum, Republic of San Marino 
2012 - The Door of the Sun and of the Moon, Land Art at Furlo, Sant'Anna del Furlo (Italy)  
2011 - Axis of New World, 12th Changchun China (Hi-Tech Development Area) International Sculpture Symposium, Changchun (China) 
2011 - thedarksideofthelight, 54th International Art Exhibition, RSM Pavilion, Venice (Italy) 
2010 - univers0, 4th Beijing International Art Biennale, Beijing (China) 
2010 - TIMEless SPRING, Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, Republic of San Marino 
2009 - universo, 53th International Art Exhibition, RSM Pavilion, Venice (Italy) 
2009 - universo, Antao Progetti, Republic of San Marino, 
2006 - Life & Peace, 7th Changchun China International sculpture Symposium, Changchun (China) 
2002 - …between white clouds and the waves of the sea, Anthology of Maestro Alfredo Bortoluzzi, County of Peschici, Peschici (Italy) 
2001 - Iconografia de la Imagen Mariana en el Estado Portuguesa, Museo de Arte de Acarigua, Acarigua (Venezuela), 
2001 - Contemporary Ceramica, The Cino Mularoni Foundation, Rep. San Marino 
2000 - Century's End, Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, Republic of San Marino 

Her works can be found in private collections in the Republic of San Marino, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, Venezuela, United States and at Geneva University, at the Department of State (RSM), at the State Cultural Department (RSM) and at the Gallery of Modern Art (RSM), in Changchun World Sculpture Park (China) and in the Northeast Asian Cultural Creative Technology Zone Park, Changchun (China).

She has been written about by: Gianni Romano, Giorgio Celli, André Giordan, André Langaney, Cesare Padovani, Vittorio D'Augusta, Delilah Gutman e Gianfranco Rosini, Vittorio Marchi, Loretta Guerrini Verga, Antonio Prenna, Fabio Cavallari, Andreina De Tomassi, Lorenza Bagnarelli, Giordano Bruno Guerri, Annamaria Bernucci, Roberta Melasecca, Luca Bezzeto, Flora Tumminello.

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