Born in Rome in 1984.

She graduates at the school of craft and fashion in Rome. She specializes herself at the Central Saint Martins college of art and desgn in 2008 like as cool hunter. After a long exsperience inside fashion field like designer and illustrator, she decide to dedicate herself in a new art..

in 2015 she attend to cultural association 'Insieme per l 'arte', were she start into the artistic way.


Since she was a little girl she had a very strong artistic sense wich influences her education choosing quite immediately to be a painter. Actually she propose herself in the pictorial environmente with a selection of works on canvas and oil sheets exesperimently a new tecnical with new  pigments, wich reveal the emotion of the childhood innocence.

Actually she is a painter and tattoo artist.



2018 - December - Group Exhibition  (S)CONFINI  -  Camera79 Art Gallery, Rome.

2019 - Mars - Group Exhibition 'MESE DELLA FOTOGRAFIA'  - Camera79 Art Gallery, Rome.

2019 - October - Group Exhibition ‘S.P.Q.R’ Street Art - T.A.G.  Tevere Art Gallery, Rome.

oil on canvas
oil on canvas
oil on sheet metal
oil on sheet metal