Marco Billeri

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Born in Rome on 6 October 1968 and has always had a great interest in history and ancient art. Associated with a marked dexterity, these passions soon lead him to try his hand at manipulating materials inspired by the past. In 2011, a debilitating disease marked the turning point as an artist, which led him to immerse himself day and night in his greatest project: developing an original inlaid mosaic style by himself, which in short can be defined as an inlay sculpture. His creations are inspired by Opus Sectile and by the FlorentineSalesman, already known since the 4th century BC, taking full advantage of the three-dimensional shape of the "tesserae" and leaving the plane. Marble and stones are carved by hand using a drill with a whisk, diamond blades and modeling machinery. The compositions are made entirely by hand based on unpublished designs devised and traced by the artist, which shapes each part with great precision in order to obtain the desired chromatic effects

He faces the public in 2016 by participating in some exhibitions and competitions, in 2017 he is selected for the XII International Rome Biennial 2018, where he is awarded the second prize by the Art for Art Gallery in collaboration with the CIAC, work in the title competition " BEYOND, with this recognition he exhibited in January 2018 at the XII International Rome Biennale in the halls of Bramante.

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