Federica Zianni

Federica Zianni (Rome, 1993). In 2012 she moved to Milan in order to attend the triennium of Sculpture at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera. Her sculptural works, initially representational, have evolved into organic and abstract artworks.
She achieved her Bachelor of Arts degree in sculpture in 2015 cum laude. In the same year, she exhibits at the Science and Technology Museum in Milan with Arnaldo Pomodoro, in an exhibition curated by Marco Meneguzzo. She attended the Hochschule für Bildende Künste of Dresden, Germany, until 2017. She has attended her Master’s Degree program of the Scuola di Scultura with professor Vittorio Corsini at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera. She got her Master of Arts in sculpture in 2018 cum laude.
Federica Zianni is interested in silence as a contact form, not in the very strict sense of a tactile experience but for its communication lever through participation in the work. Her artistic production is based on listening, understanding, not as a physical activity focused on the relationship but as an inner self-introspective necessity. Federica Zianni believes that “communicating” is not strictly related to speech but essentially to the listening capacity. Listening allows us to build qualitative relationships.
Silence is the common and eternal language of the universe, the most suitable to communicate the deepest feelings and to exorcise the deepest fears. The artist deals with the theme of identity and mourning. Her mute sculptures are born this way, perfect mechanisms that refer to nothing but themselves, to a closing circuit to the outside from which no sound derives. In her latest production, the artist also deals with the theme of self-introspection, creating moving and shiny surfaces that do not refer to a clear portrait of those who are mirrored.
During 2018 she participates in art awards of international relevance as Combat Prize, Vittorio Viviani Prize, and Comel Prize for which she receives an honorable mention.
In 2019 she wins the Prs Talent Prize and the Rospigliosi Prize for the category under 30. In June, she exhibits at the GIFA (International Foundry Trade Fair) in Düsseldorf, and shows her sculptures at the Swiss Art Expo in Zurigo for the first time.


2019    Rospigliosi Prize winner

2019    PRS Talent Prize winner

2018    Premio Comel Honorable Mention 2018

Solo exhibitions

2020    Working progress, Galleria Triphè, curated by Maria Laura Perilli, Rome, Italy

2019    Silenzio come contatto, Fondazione Passarè, Milan, curated by Giulio Calegari, Italy

2016    In ascolto, Zoia Gallery, Milan, curated by Erika Lacava and Mira Carboni, Italy

Collective exhibitions

2019    Subliminale, curated by Tiziano M. Todi, Roma Smistamento, Rome, Italy

           Swiss Art Expo, with ARTBOX.PROJECT Zürich 1.0, Zürich, Switzerland

           Cortemilia in mostra, curated by Valeria Guglielmi, Cortemilia, Cuneo, Italy

           On Stage Project, a cura di Roberta Melasecca, Esponceda Center for Art and Culture, Barcelona, Spain           

           GIFA, International Foundry Trade Fair, Düsseldorf, Germany

           Fluttuazioni, bipersonal curated by Giuditta Elettra Lavinia Nidiaci, Galleria Borghini Arte Contemporanea, Rome, Italy

           Rospigliosi Art Prize, “Visibile Invisibile”, 2nd edition,  Palazzo Rospigliosi, Rome, Italy  

           Divenire, curated by Giuditta Elettra Lavinia Nidiaci, Spazio Arte T24, Santa Maria in  Campitelli, Rome, Italy

           L’arte si mostra, curated by Egidio Eleuteri e Plinio Perilli, Palazzo Ferrajoli, Rome Italy

           Paratissima Bologna Art Fair, “Expeausition”, curated by Francesca Canfora e Lorenzo Germak, Bologna, Italy

2018    Faces, I volti dell’uomo, Indipendent artists Gallery, Busto Garolfo, Milan, Italy

           Paratissima Torino XIV, “Feeling different”, Ex Caserma la Marmora, Turin, curated by N.I.C.E., Italy

           Le dimensioni del silenzio, Circuiti dinamici, curated by Lorenzo Argentino, Milan, Italy

           Vittorio Viviani Prize, 18th edition, Libera Accademia di Pittura Vittorio Viviani, Nova Milanese (MI)

           Comel Prize Vanna Migliorin, “Armonie in alluminio”, Spazio Comel Arte Contemporanea Gallery, Latina, Italy

, 8th contemporary art exposition, Casa dei Carraresi, Treviso, Italy

           Combat Prize
, 9th edition, Villa del Presidente, Livorno, curated by Paolo Batoni, Italy

           La Voce del Corpo: 5th edition, Della gioia e della libertà, curated by Bruno Freddi, City of Osnago, Lecco, Italy

           Biennale internazionale del Tirreno, “Amore e Solidarietà”, 1st Biennale in Cava de’ Tirreni, Salerno, Italy, curated by Veronica Nicoli and Armando Principe

           Paratissima Milano art & photo Fair, 1st edition in Milan, “Through the black mirror” curated by Francesca Canfora e Lorenzo Germak, Italy

           Asta maestri e artisti, auction of emerging artists and masters, Cubet- Ex Fabbrica delle Bambole, curated by Rosy Menta and Luca Rendina, Milan, Italy

           Artrooms Fair Roma, The Church Palace, Rome, curated by Cristina Cellini Antonioni, Chiara Canal e Francesco Fanelli, Italy

2017    Mixed pickles II, collective exhibition of artists from ten european nations, Hochschule für Bildende Künste, curated by Susanne Greinke, Dresden, Germany

           Mixed pickles, collective exhibition of artists from eight european nations, Hochschule für Bildende Künste, curated by Susanne Greinke, Dresden, Germany

2016    Elettricamente, collective exhibition born from the interaction between creative perceptions and electric energy, Museo della Tecnica Elettrica, Pavia, Italy

           La voce del corpo, 4th edition, curated by Bruno Freddi, City of Osnago, Lecco, Italy

2015    L’invisibile si mostra, collective exhibition with Arnaldo Pomodoro, projects commissioned by Gruppo Bianchi with the employment of NSK materials, National Museum            of Science and Technology of Milan, curated by Marco Meneguzzo, Italy

2013    Arti visive e biomimetica, collective exhibition, Orto Botanico Sperimentale Cascina Rosa, Milan, Italy


2019    Art Residency program “World of Co”, Sofia, Bulgaria

           Visibile invisibile, curated by L’Avugì Eventi, Palazzo Rospigliosi, Zagarolo, (RM), Italy

2018    No More Half Season, mentor artist Valerio Marazzi, LUISS Hub, Milan, Italy