Flavia Mitolo

Flavia Mitolo comes from a sculptor's family of Pietrasanta, where she is used to spend long period of time. Since her childhood she has been attracted by the main international masters she has always followed with the greatest interest sure to have found her vocation in painting. She accomplished the Arts Hight School Degree and later the Graphic Design Diploma at the European Design Institute working as a Graphic Designer for some time immediately after. In Pierrasanta she undertook a rigorous training with Jack Marshall a Yale University sculptor's teacher. In 1991 she left Rome for London where she remained for two years establishing very important contacts in the always shifting city's global milieu. She came back in Italy and settled in Milan. For many years she has been travelling throughout the four corners of the earth testing the globe's differences and it's manifold colours. In the 2001 she came back in Rome where she resumed with accuracy and skill her painting research. At the present she lives and works in Rome.


RAW 2021 Open Studio Village Roma

RAW 2020 Open Studio Village Roma

RAW 2019 Open Studio Village Roma

2019 Opening Studio Village Roma

2019 "A.H.E. ArtHighEnergy" Palestra TotalBodySystem Roma

2017 "In the Continuum of Infinity Energy" Carrozzeria  "La Madonnina"Roma

2009 "Fare Mondo" Comune di Pietrasanta

2009 Torre dello Zenobito Isola di Capraia 

2009 "Le Botteghe dell'Arte" MonteverdeVecchio Roma


2022 MitreoIside Roma 

2022 Multipli sguardi Palazzo Marzi Tarquinia

2022 No non siamo cambiati Teatro in Trastevere Roma 

2022 H.Unica#3 Hunica Roma

2017 Pavart  galleryTrastevere Roma

2015 Parioli Roma

2012 Art in the street Trento

2012 Kirorevolution Roma

2011 Studio Bouffetteou Roma

2010 "Babbabastarda" Woman's House  Roma

2009 PentArt gallery Trastevere Roma

2009 PentArt gallery Trastevere Roma

2009 PentArt galleryTrastevere Roma

2005 Art in the street Pietrasanta

2003 Cassiopea gallery Parioli Roma


2012 Finalist "Big Idea Science and Math" Los Alamos New Mexico

2011 Finalist "Big Idea Science and Math" Los Alamos New Mexico

2010 Finalist "Wannabe prize" Wannabe gallery Milan


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