Lia Cavo

Lia Cavo

Born and raised in Canada. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara, specializing in sculpture, intaglio and sculpture techniques. Scholarship winner at the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts (Netherlands) where she lives and studies for a period specializing in contemporary sculpture. In the following years she performed many symposia, competitions and  art exhibitions in Italy, including international ones, obtaining various titles and awards.

She attended a training course at the Art School of Design in Castelli obtaining a certificate of technical-design and restoration of ceramics and specializing in contemporary ceramic sculpture and modelling.

She currently lives and works as a sculptor and teacher in plastic disciplines at public and private schools in the province of Teramo.

 Recently participated 

BEYOND THE SHAPE 2017/18 VIVAM METAMORPHOSIS Collective temporary exhibition Rathaus galerie der stadt Burghausen Germani

Marche center of Art - visions of gaia - sensory and political perceptions of nature, contemporary art expo curated by Lucia Zappacosta and Franco Marconi, Monsampolo del Tronto Ascoli Piceno

Art in the Dunes Prize editions 14 15 17, LANDART exhibition curated by M. Montanaro, Punta Aderci Nature Reserve -Vasto;

Sella Curulis PescarArt Award 2018 biennial of contemporary art curated by pescarArt, modern art museum V. Colonna, Pescara.

Premio Sulmona,  45th international contemporary art exhibition, Sulmona

I am therefore the donor and the artist, a contemporary art exhibition in favour of blood donation in collaboration with Fidas Teramo by Elisabetta de Rugeriis at the Teramo hospital transfusion center.

PlastiKos, collective exhibition of contemporary art curated by Antonio Zimarino, Inangolo gallery, Penne - PE

STREET metropolitan visions, biennial contemporary art curated by Giorgio Grasso, art fair expo Piacenza

Terre di Casauria, the path of sustainability, artistic residence by Roberta Melasecca, funded by MIBAC, promoted by the municipality of Tocco da Casauria, Bolognano, Torre dei Passeri, the Ecomood association and the Bosso, Tocco da Casauria PE ; ; http://bit.Iy/2LzEBgK




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Blind (black ceramica) 2016
PNEUMA (plaster,iron) Art in the dunes 17
untitled for Dangerous Kindness RAW2019 curated by Roberta melasecca ditail ph Nazzareno Capitanio
Blind (black ceramica)