Valentina Sisto

Valentina Sisto was born in Bari in 1976, but now living and working in Rome - the Eternal city - .

Valentina Sisto has always nurtured a profound passion for art, primarily focusing on a great attention to restoration, a discipline to which she dedicated her training at I.S.T.E.S. of Lecce.

She started to develop a personal artistic path first as a headstone restorer at some companies in Bari and Lecce, and then as paper and painter freelance.

Thanks to her work as a restorer, Valentina Sisto quickly acquired great familiarity with different materials and techniques, as well as a deep knowledge of history of art, that allowed her to easily develop her own expressive language.

Her artistic paintings overcome the two-dimensionality of the canvas to conquer the third dimension; her works fully reflect her paths and artistic discoveries’, because she trained herself in many different art workshops, with the aim to know deeply materials and techniques. Her curiosity, interest in the world and contemporary society are translated into works of great strength and sensitivity.

The researches of Valentina Sisto focus mainly on the human being, and on the different aspects that characterize her interiority.

All Valentina Sisto’s productions born always on the basis of a relationship with the subject represented, even if they have been never translated into portraits. In her works Sisto goes beyond the physicality of the subject to give concrete form to the most intimate and intangible aspects of her interiority. All this is now structured a new OncoArte project, in partnership work Nuova Villa Claudia clinic, which for the first time combines artistic research with cancer research, especially on breast cancer.

Valentina Sisto has developed a deep empathy with her "muses" and she define them as "female warriors who struggle every day to defeat the disease". Over the years, art has proved to be an invaluable support in the therapeutic journey of patients, who find vitality, courage and strength, thanks psychological and human interconnection with the artist. The artistic work, which the artist creates with her patients, represents both her curative path; and the claim of a new, reborn and proud female identity. In fact, the common denominator of the whole OncoArte project is the cast of the patients' breasts (ante or post intervention depending on the case), a form which, starting from the body, captures the whole essence of their path in an instant.



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