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Born in Italy, and based in Rome, in these last years I have been working across Europe, USA and Asia.

Associate Member of the Royal Photographic Society and member of the Association of Photographers, of London Independent Photography, of Shutter Hub, Women Occupy Hollywood and of the Lift-Off Film Festival Global Network, In my work, I am interested in exploring the ways in which photography can be used as a tool for social and psychological research, investigating the inner world of the portrayed individuals and viewers, who will use their own personal experience to interpret my imagery. In the portraiture related to the project “I can hear you now”, I am particularly interested in the process of releasing those negative emotions commonly kept as a secret in our daily lives. As a sufferer of anxiety disorders, I often feel the urge to scream out in pain but this inner pressure is never expressed. Our lives are managed by social norms that stigmatise these behaviours and, through this representative action, my aim is to create a constructive dialogue around mental health issues, still considered taboo in our culture.

Graduated as MA Photography student at Falmouth University, where I have been working as Distant Learning Academic Officer to improve the online students’ experience at Falmouth Flexible.

I am currently following a Screenwriting course lead by Richard Walter, UCLA Head of Screenwriting, and released by Shore Scripts LA and, from November 2019 to June 2020, I will part of the Art Residency "Human, The Lab", selected to create a non-conventional photographic publication at Yogurt Magazine Temporary Editiorial Office, that will take place in Rome.

More broadly, I am interested in representing individuality and my personal perception of the world, which is complex and this is why I decided not to use still images only, but also moving image and music score, collaborating with different artists throughout the world. Photography and video-art are a mean of self-expression: I want to share my vision and my emotions, but I am inspired by the external reality, using it as a mirror.

After the creation of the short documentary “[ɪˈmaː.ɡoː]”, selected as semi-finalist at “$2 Film Festival” in NY and awarded at the Los Angeles “Global Music Award” for the categories “Soundtrack collection” and “Composition/Composer” with a Bronze Medal, I am now focusing my attention on moving image and Performance art. The short documentary “[ɪˈmaː.ɡoː]” can be seen at the following link and it is the “STEP 00” of the Itinerary created for the website



MA Photography with Distinction at Falmouth University, Cornwall, UK, graduation: September 2018.

Screenwriting Course at ShoreScripts, lead by Professor R. Walter, Head of Screenwriting at UCLA, Los Angeles, USA (ongoing).

Mini documentary production workshop released by Duckrabbit, London, 2018; Seeing through photographs at MoMA NY, Certificate of Accomplishment, 2016; University Teaching 101 Training Course, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore USA, Mark: 100/100, 2014; Analysing Global Trends for Business and Society at The Wharton School, Pennsylvania, USA, Mark: 100/100, 2014; Managing Fashion and Luxury Companies at SDA Bocconi, Milan, Italy, 86.4/100, 2014; TEFL/TESOL Master Certificate at Global Training Language Institute, London, UK, Mark: A Level, 2013; Specialization course in Multimedia and Graphic/Web Design, Euroqualità Institute, Turin, Italy. Mark: 100/100, 2010.

BA Intercultural Science and Techniques, University of Trieste. Mark: 107/110, Second class honours, upper division (2:1). (Languages: English, Spanish and Arabic. Dissertation: “Blog Communities as a new Social Group”.


EXHIBITIONS 2018 - 2019:

October 5th-19th 2019, Home, Gallery at Home, Monmouthshire, Wales, UK;

September 9th-15th 2019, Street/Form, Pow!Wow! Festival, Rotterdam, Netherlands;

September 4th, “[ɪˈmaː.ɡoː]” selected to screen online, during Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival 2019;

July 19th-21st 2019, Contemporary Rome Art Prize, Palazzo Velli Expo, Rome, Italy.;

July 1st – November 30th 2019, Time to Think, Festival Pil’Ours, France;

June 20th – October 31st – Deep Water, thePrintspace Gallery, London, UK;

June 8th-18th 2019, The Body, The Room Exhibition, Rome, Italy.;

May 2019, “[ɪˈmaː.ɡoː]”, the short documentary, selected for the Lift-Off Sessions May 2019;

April 27th – May 27th 2019, Bauhaus Anniversary,­ The Body, The Room Exhibition, Rome, Italy.;

March 28th – May 3rd 2019 – Everything I ever learnt, University of Cambridge, UK.;

March 19th  April 1st 2019 – Photography Now, Brick Lane Gallery, London, UK.;

March 5th – 11th 2019 – Shibuya Station Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan.;

January 21st – February 4th 2019 - NVMEN ART PRIZE at NVMEN Concept Space, Rome, Italy.;

December 20th - 26th 2018, “[ɪˈmaː.ɡoː]” the short documentary, selected for the London Lift-Off Online Festival;

December 7th 2018 – January 21st 2019Shutter Hub Open at 5&33 Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands.;

October 4th - 9th 2018 – Shutter Hub Open 2018 at The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London, UK.;

September 30th 2018, "I can hear you now" project selected for the the Category ”MA/MFA Phase of Graduate Photography Online 2018".

August 14th - 24th 2018 - Landings 2018, online exhibition managed by Falmouth University:;

July 2018, “[ɪˈmaː.ɡoː]”, the short documentary, selected for the "$2 Film Festival" in New York, placement: semi-finalist.;

July 7th 2018 - I AM HERE. HERE I AM. Exhibition and Art Collective, Essex, UK.;

June 8th - 16th 2018 - I can hear you now – solo exhibition, FuoriLuogo Art and Culture Residence, Asti, Italy;

May 22nd – June 4th 2018 - Art in Mind The Brick Lane Gallery Annexe, London, UK.;




100 Artists of the Future” “I can hear you now” project has been included into the book published by Contemporary Art Curator Magazine in May 2019.


2018-2019 (Featuring articles):

“Introducing: Dayana Marconi, on The Falmouth Anchor, May 2018 issue,

“Dayana Sharon Marconi” on Contemporary Art Curator Magazine”, July 2018 issue,

“Dayana Sharon Marconi” on Contemporary Art Station website



July 2019 -  “I can hear you now” project won the “Social Art Prize” during the 1st edition of “Contemporary Rome Art, Mostra internazionale Arte Contemporanea”, Rome.

December 2018 - “I can hear you now” project selected as Associate Member of the Royal Photographic Society (ARPS);

July 2018 - “I can hear you now” project semi-finalist at the $2 Film Festival in New York with the short documentary “[ɪˈmaː.ɡoː]”, part of my MA Photography major project.

June 2018 – “I can hear you now” project selected to be included into the “100 Artists of the Future” book, published in 2019 by Contemporary Art Curator Magazine.

May 2018 - “I can hear you now” project won two “Bronze Medal” at the Global Music Award in Los Angeles for the film score created by the film composer Elena Maro for the short documentary “[ɪˈmaː.ɡoː]”, for the categories "Documenting Stories, Documenting Lives", "Soundtrack collection" and "Composition/composer".



November 2019 - June 2020, Yogurt Magazine - "Human, The Lab", selected to create a non-conventional photographic publication at Yogurt Magazine Temporary Editiorial Office, Rome;



(ARPS) Associate Member of the Royal Photographic Society, (AOP) Association of Photographers, Shutter Hub, Lift-Off Film Festival Global Network, London Independent Photographers, Women Occupy Hollywood, published by Contemporary Art Curator.



Official website:

“I can hear you now” project website:

Critical Research Journal at Falmouth University:

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“[ɪˈmaː.ɡoː]”, frame from the short-documentary which is part of the project