Giulia Negrini

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Giulia Negrini was born in Rome in 18-05-1981. After the high school she went to the European Institute of Design and concurrently she started to work with some comunication agencies based in Rome. She decided to improve her skills going to the University "La Sapienza" at Architecture. At the meantime she porsued her passion for painting, at first time as a self-taught, after with some privatre lessons. During 2014 she took part at some exhibition. At 2016 she followed a short course at International Comix School, where she learned the live drawing and after she went to the Art Academy of London, where she followed the "Painting the figure in Space" course. She From the 2018 she is exposing in some galleries.



2014 - Ex Lavanderia.
Via delle Quattro Fontane, Roma.

2014 - Municipio di Allumiere.
Municipio di Allumiere , Civitavecchia.
Collective at "Palio delle contrade".

2018 - Caffè Letterario.
Via Ostiense 95, Roma.
Premio Art & Wathsart (she exhibited with pseudonym "Kyo'o")
Curator: Pamela Cento.

2019 - Bauhaus Home Gallery.
Via Oreste Mattirolo 23, Roma.
Bauhaus Anniversary: The Room Exhibition on Tv.
Curator: Ilaria Giacobbi.

2019 - Palazzo Velli. Piazza di S. Egidio 10, Roma.
Premio Contemporary Rome Art.
Curator: Ilaria Giacobbi.

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