Gianpaolo Conti

Gianpaolo Conti is a director and photographer, he was born in Pico Farnese and lives and works in Rome, he started photographing at a young age and in 1989, after graduating from directing, not forgetting his passion for photography, he made dozens of documentaries and video clips , personally taking care of post-production. His expressive language was born in the dark room and then continued in the cinema and video editing room. He started by projecting slides on a wall and then photographing subjects between the projection and the wall, then continuing to experiment in the long editing sessions, where he undertook his own research on the images, starting from the meticulous observation of the individual frames, selecting them and reassembling them in sequences of shapes and colors through their decomposition and recomposition. Conti realizes his works starting from photographs and through the support of electronic versions of brushes, filters, and chromatic processing, he is able to create and produce works of art. There is no doubt that his role as a director has played a fundamental role for Conti, in the last ten years he has made dozens of commercials. The maturity of the pictorial look grown and refined through the cinematic eye dries his images from every redundancy and his gaze leads him to confront himself with a spatiality that goes in search of further mental and visual boundaries and takes us into his remote world and modern, natural and artificial, open to different interpretations. He held his first personal show in January 2009.


Gennaio 2009 prima personale “Quello che cerco” Galleria Colibrì Arte Roma.

Marzo 2009 personale “Quello che cerco II” Spazio Morgana Roma. 

Giugno 2009 collettiva NUA (New Unknown Artists) Circolo degli Artisti Roma.

Novembre 2009 personale “Insensato” Torretta Valadier Ponte Milvio, Roma.

Dicembre 2009 collettiva Casa degli Artisti di Roccasecca.

Aprile 2010 collettiva “Immagini Per Pensare” all’ ICPAL - Istituto per il Restauro del Libro       Antico - Roma.

Dicembre 2010 collettiva “Paesaggio della mente” Edo City Gallery Roma.

Gennaio 2011 collettiva “Paesaggio della mente 2.0” Edo City Gallery Roma. 

Gennaio 2011 nell’ambito di Altaroma collettiva “Impermeabile” Edo City Gallery Roma.

Maggio 2011 con Antonia Ciampi “Sul filo del colore dialogo tra immagini” Hotel Adriano Roma. 

Giugno 2011 collettiva "Art & Aperitif" Grand Hotel de la Minerve Roma.

Maggio 2013 personale “Colors Can Dance” Galleria Frammenti d’Arte Roma.

Novembre 2013 partecipazione a CATS Contemporary Art Talent Show di Padova.

Dicembre 2013 4 opere esposte alla Jakmel Art Gallery Miami Beach.

Luglio 2014 collettiva “Strutture e figure” artisti contemporanei sulle opere di Franco Cannilla. Studio Franco Cannilla, Roma.

Aprile 2015 personale “My Eyes on the Road” Art gallery Il Margutta Roma

Giugno 2017 personale “Ciò che il visibile non concede” Alessandra Giannetti Roma

Maggio 2019 personale “Riconfigurazioni” Kubla Khan Roma

Luglio 2019 personale “La superficie del visibile” nell’ambito del festival di fotografia Imagorbetello presentata dalla Galleria Honos Art con il patrocinio del Comune di Orbetello, Palazzo di Piazza del Popolo.

Four with fine art print on cotton paper mounted on aluminum 55x110 cm
The solitary hero print fine art on cotton paper mounted on aluminum 119x119 cm
Gazometro fine art print on cotton paper mounted on aluminum 110x100 cm
The look beyond fine art print on cotton paper mounted on aluminum 90x140 cm