Andrea Capanna

Andrea Capanna was born in Rome in 1969, where he lives and works. Graduated with a degree in “Theories and Practices of Anthropology” at “La Sapienza” University, after having attended the Accademia di Belle Arti from 1994 to 1996.


2015, Allestimento Suite The First Luxury Art Hotel, Galleria Mucciaccia, Roma - Collettiva

2016, 28 Piazza di Pietra Fine Art Gallery, Roma - Personale

2017, Schermi Urbani Palazzo Collicola, Spoleto - Collettiva

2019, 28 Piazza di Pietra Fine Art Gallery, Roma - Personale

Urban ruins - Viscosa
Urban Ruins - Viscosa 2
Urban Ruins - Porta Maggiore
Walls Emulsion - MonnaVanna

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