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Bernadette Felber

Towards New Horizons

I am interested in social and political zones of conflicts or great changes on different levels of society in different cultures.. In the center is always the person I meet or the situation I observe. Of course it is related to my life and questions which I try to find answers. Global changes and how they effect the life of the individium are at the center of my attention. I am very much interested in post-colonial situations, to approach a theme I always try to learn about the history of this place. Having this in the background the actual motive can be a small detail, a moment, a composition in a space. I am interested in how people create their living spaces, or how they confront their daily living. It is always the moment, the light situation which I try to capture.

I think my recent photograph Fathepur Sikri brings my photographic investigation to its point.Moschees have this beautiful open spaces, like the piazzas, which I do know well from Italian architecture, and which in a way worked perfectly, as they are like a stage, the actors move there, and I am finding my point of view, as dancers find their response to the movement in the space. As well they are sacred spaces, and one can feel this.

I hope that people take a positive message with them, when they watch my images. I want to give my public an impression of how life is in certain countries, and this could help to make this foreign cultures more understandable, and cultural barriers can be reduced. In a way I want to give my public the experiences I have lived, so this can be a first change.

And I discovered that my images can really have an impact in society. Many of my photographs show real life, they could serve as a document of the last 20 years. This is very important for me. Art can inspire, heal, give new horizonts. There are images, which we all remember, they stay in our mind, they let us reflect about who we are, they keep us thinking. If I reach to give this strong message, I am on the right way.




Bernadette Felber, born 1966 in Austria, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Painting and Installation, Central St. Martin School of Art&Design London, Scenography,

working as assistant to set design and as photographer

1996 IV. Biennal for Contemporary Art St. Petersburg

1998 II. Biennal for Experimental Art and Performance St. Petersburg

2000 Fotoseptiembre Galeria Principal del Centro Nacional de las Artes Mexico D.F.

2001 49th Biennale of Venice Plateau of Humankind - Tale of an immigrant - Fondazione Bevilacqua la Masa

2003 Artist in Residency at the Watermill Foundation / working on several projects of Robert Wilson

2006 Wunschobjekte Photowall Kunsthalle Wien

2008 City sights-City stories Group exhibition Galerie Michitsch Vienna European Month of Photography

2012 Latin Art Museum LA

2013 Instituto Maximo Gorki Montevideo Uruguay Fotograma 13

2016  Little Square World  Gallery Jaditi NY

2017  Mother and Child Galleria La Pigna Rome

2019 Tale of an immigrant - Presentation at Cabral Hall4th Biennale of Kochi-India,  ArtExpoNY

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Fathepur Sikri, New Dehli, 2017 digital photography, 120 x170cm
Sugar cane I, Kochi, India 2019 digital photography, 190 x 210cm
Dilsee, New Dehli, 2018 digital photography, 40 x 60cm
Playground, Kochi, 2018 Photography, 40 x 60cm