manuela pincitore

Manuela Pincitore was born in Rome in 1974 and, after the scientific studies preferred by her parents to a
School of Art, she chose a humanistic faculty that could refine her literary knowledge and
that allowed her, at the same time, to stimulate her "figurative" attitudes. So it is
graduated in Literature with the course of  Cinematography, deepening everything that was related
to the Image: the composition of the frame, the critical reading of a "painting" in any of his
form, Photography, Cinema as a synthesis of all these elements.
In those same years, to get some money in her pocket, she painted on commission, experimenting
different techniques and supports: from pastel to charcoal, from acrylic to oil, adapting these
materials for canvas, paper, decorative objects (chairs, appliques ...), theatrical scenography, glass and
to entire domestic walls.

She attended the course of Drawing and Painting at the Rufa (Rome University of Fine Arts), and a
private course at the Studio of the roman Artist Paola Drago, known within the "100 artists" event in Rome.
She was selected for the GodArt market exhibition in 2012.
In 2018 he participated in the workshop with the artist Miltos Manetas, at the MAXXI museum in Rome, during his exhibition Internet Painting.
She was selected for the first edition of the Palermo International Art Prize, July 2018.
Indipendence (2013). A newborn who chooses his finger and refuses the pacifier has already understood that, to be independent, one must rely only on oneself.
Madonna with her girl. The poetry of Novalis contains the sense of the relationship between mother and daughter. The title alludes to the possibility that, contrary to what is believed and handed down, the son of god could be a girl.
Need to change. Oil and acrylic on canvas. 100x120

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