Carlo Inglese

Carlo Inglese was born in Foggia in 1976.
An eclectic artist, he sublimates the pictorial urgency in paintings with a fascinating chromatic chaos, the measured use of dripping, decollages and combusions, giving his works an urban flavor, inscribing it in the artistic movement to which he himself declares his belonging: the Street Art.
In February 2010 he published his passion debuting with the first solo show in Bassano Del Grappa, soon he will become part of the contemporary art scene exposing places like Castel dell'Ovo and the Maschio Angioino civic museum in Naples, Ignazio museum Cerio in Capri, and proposing his works in prestigious exhibition spaces such as: Palazzo Stella in Genoa, Casa dei Carraresi in Treviso, and in various galleries in Lecce, Rome, Turin, Padua, Florence, Milan and Venice.
Moreover, his work is recognized in important urban redevelopment projects, among the main interventions we mention the murals executed in the underpasses of the railway stations of
• Milan Porta Garibaldi (via Pepe exit)
• Milan Greco Pirelli
• Bassano del Grappa
To date, Carlo Inglese carries out its activity between the cities of Rome, Milan and Venice.


MAIN EXHIBITIONS (collective / personal)
October 2010 "ottobrArte", Museum Ignazio Cerio, Capri (Na).
March 2011 "ab-OVO", at Castel dell'Ovo, Naples.
June 2011 "GenovArte", Palazzo Stella, Genoa.
March 2012 "Più Falso del Vero", Museo Civico al Maschio Angioino, Naples.
March 2012 Redevelopment of the underpass of the Milano Porta Garibaldi railway station (via Pepe exit).
April 2012 for the America's Cup "Vele d'Arte", Castel dell'Ovo, Naples.
June 2012 "Second Contemporary Art Exhibition", Casa dei Carraresi, Treviso.
July 2012 "Vele d'Arte", Coronari 111 Art Gallery, Rome.
September 2012 4th painting contest "The awakening of art", special award Jeos-Urban Style-Limena Foundation (Pd).
December 2012 "Amalfi Prize", Galleria delle Cornici, Venice.
January 2014 "ExpoWikiarte", Wikiarte Gallery, Bologna.
June 2014 Redevelopment of the railway underpass of the Milan Greco Pirelli underground station.
August 2014 Redevelopment of the railway underpass at the Bassano Del Grappa station (Vi).
September 2014 "Light & Shadow", Galleria M4A, Milan.
March 2015 Staff at Bang & Olufsen, Padua.
May 2015 "Le calli in a room" exhibition at Palace Bonvecchiati, Venice.
May 2015 Creation of a celebratory work for the title of the great hall of the Istituto Remondini to the magistrate Paolo Borsellino, Bassano Del Grappa (VI).
July 2015 "Quant'è bella giovinezza", Scuderie of Palazzo Aragona, Vasto (Ch).
July 2015 "The work is covered in art", opening at Matilda Club, Jesolo (Ve).
August 2015 "Unusual views", at Casa ex Sivocci, Conco (Vi).
December 2016 "The slow disappearance of meaning and truth", PARATISSIMA12, Milan.
April 2018 Festival Urbs Art 2018 | CONCRETA-FESTASTREETART at the Hungarian Academy of Rome, live performance as an invited artist.

March-April 2011 EIKON Arcmagazine (Federcritici).
December 2011 "RACCONTI D'ARTE", curated by Accademia Della Bussola.

Room 510
Rue de Rennes 60

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