Costantino Castellotti

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Costantino Castellotti was born in Rogliano (CS) in 1963. He moved to Rome in the 1980s and graduated in Architecture  at "Università degli studi di Roma La Sapienza". After the advanced traineeship in " Teorie dell'Architettura" he continued his career as interior designer and he Kept alive his passion for painting by experimenting with different materials, specifically cardboard. In 2004 his first important exhibition was held in Rome at the Contemporary Art Centre "Luigi di Sarro". His paintings are not exclusively representational but they are meant to exhalt the materials used and the motion perception. Painting is just the assembly of free matter, physical traces and ductile substances.The entanglement of signs is unmistakable and overpowering but the apparent chaos is always under the control of a planned and studied composition. The artist believes man has reached the end of the line, the point of no return. It would be necessary to go back to a time in wich man was conscious that anything and everything had already been done in art. Conseguently, the artist opts for a minimal representation based on the use of primitive forms and graffiti. In his latest works the artist feels the need to express himself by staining the wite surface of the canvas with only few shapes, colours and series of prints.

2021 Rome Art Week ( Open Studio)

2018 Fiera Arte Roma 

2018 Mostra collettiva presso studio/loft via Odige 8, Roma

2018 Rome Art Week ( Open Studio )

2017 Collective art exhibition tiny Biennale at Temple Gallery in Rome.

2013 Padova's art fair, 24th market exhibition of modern and contemporary art.

2013 Collective art exhibition curated by Guido Folco at Kunstlerforum Bonn museum.

2013 Winner of the "Ora" Prize.

2012 Winner offerte the "Celeste"Prize.

2012 Collective art exhibition curated Guido Folco "Art, Energy, Future" at regional museum of natural sciences in Tourin.

2012 Collective painting exhibition curated by Guido Folco "Milano arte, flussi contemporanei" space zona K.

2012 Collective painting exhibition curated Alfio Borghese at " Biennale d' Arte contemporanea" in Frosinone.

2011 Collective painting exhibition " I Coloristi" at ex nursery school Filangieri in Naples.

2008 Painting personel at Palazzo Ricciulli in Rogliano (CS).

2008 Painting personel at Gallery Ellebi in Cosenza.

2004 Painting personel at Contemporay Art Centre "Luigi di Sarro" in Rome.

1994 Live painting performance in Comune di Rogliano (CS).

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Title: without Title, paintings on canvas, 20x30 year 2021
Without title, paintings on canvas, 30x60, year 2021
Title: Surface in black , mixed technique, cardboard , year 2021
Title: surface in black,ink on cardboard, 50x70, year 2018