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Milan, January 2016.

We can safely say that Tancredi moves in that great ocean that is the abstract that comes when there is no longer any reference to reality in the paintings. In the field of images, signs, understood as symbols that refer to things or ideas, are already an abstract way of representing reality.

More specifically, the poetics of Fornasetti's painting is made up of geometry and architecture, the latter, now rationalist in the 1930s, now metaphysics with some inspiration to De Chirico (Scale Games and Invisible Cities).

In his paintings, however, it must be said, also because it expresses its great originality, The concept of "abstraction" is very general: it expresses a mental and emotional process that describes reality in the multiplicity of its characteristics.

As an inspiring factor, we perceive a contemporary formation made up of classical studies, great historical-artistic references and the dimension of a young, almost digital native: if, by quoting only a few, for Mondrian, Kandinsky, Malevich and Soldati the rules, the stimuli were in the abolition of the third dimension and independence from emotional values, here we find eyes grown up on video, games and the digital world mixed up, like colors in his brushes, with the immortal Roman landscapes and emotion reigns supreme




Inevitably, therefore, that the formation of its "impossible structures" also refers to the colossal cinematographic scenography as well as to the pictorial work of reference. And yet ... in all this there is great harmony: Tancredi succeeds in quoting Depero, his magnificent 2014 Perpetual Motion is almost a rereading of the Rotation of Ballerina and Pappagalli and, at the same time, creating a geometric game surface as the evolution of its scenic space. It takes us back to very distant and primordial times when sacred geometry, considered a form of "talismanic magic", was no longer applied only to architecture, but also to painting.



On the other hand, contemporary history has given us examples of extraordinary encounters, we like to remember 1982, when Warhol created a series of works inspired by the metaphysical painting of De Chirico, who died for 4 years. The project was realized in an exhibition entitled "Warhol versus De Chirico", which was presented in the hall of the Orazi and Curiazi in Campidoglio in Rome, November 20, 1982.

Returning to Tancredi, he has a powerful imagery nourished by the unconscious accidentality and, through the use of painstaking pictorial techniques, freehand work, realizes a sort of contemporary skyline, using the language of art: now as the surrealists under the sign of the enigma, now out of the schematism of surrealism in favor of a joyful and illuminated, solar geometry.

Like Soldati, noble father of this art, "he comes to the reduction of elementary geometric scans of the pictorial drafting, so as to leave every emphasis on creativity that moves patterns and structures without blocking them in rigid and definitive perceptual data" (Paolo Fossati)



His painting moves with a contagious enthusiasm, forces the stylistic protocols of the genre and affirms an expressive stature that does not implement a formula, but continually interrogates the pictorial language in the process of its making itself, in perfect intellectual clarity. In other words, the natural assumption and the metabolism towards the infinite adventures of the possible form is a programmatic exploration of spaces and structures with a strong rate of dynamism.

... "Tancredi Fornasetti works on the Space-Color relationship which can be defined as the fulcrum of that close connection and interaction of two opposing forces, one analytical and the other synthetic, one centrifuge and the other one centripetal. The viewer is projected into a world where doors, streets and windows seem to open, which then become more or less complex lines and shapes that create a succession of infinite paths and possibilities that contradict and support at the same time creating overlapping plans that lead towards infinite possibilities ... "

(Mario Giusti)





Born in Rome on 18 June 1983

Lives in Rome

E-mail: tancredifornasetti@gmail.com

He graduated in Decoration at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome following the course of Professor Michele Cossyro.



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2009 -2010:

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- Exhibition «MIUR» Museum Venanzo Crocetti Rome

- National Prize of Arts of the Ministry of Education, University and Research - Catania "Le ciminiere" May 2009 finalist with a work

- "I 100 stores" prize organized by the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome: participated with a work.

- Participation with 5 works at the group exhibition: "Color your city" at the Italian Art Association (via Monte Giordano 45 - Rome)

- Collective exhibition at the Brancaleone Cultural Association of Rome: participation with 15 works.

- Personal exhibition with 13opere at the Gabi gallery library (via Gabi-Roma)


Summer 2007: practical internship at the atelier Immaginazione Srl - Milan which produces the Fornasetti collections.

• Participation in the Notte Bianca organized by the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome

• Participation in the "art and beat" event organized by NUA Circolo degli artisti Roma

• Winner of the "Shopping Bag Arte" competition organized by the Galleria Diletta Vittoria in Via Margutta - Rome

• Participation in the Notte Bianca organized by the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome


- Participation in the group exhibition "Tinte Calde" by Massimo Arduini at Torre di Tormarancia, under the patronage of the Municipality of Rome

- Participation in the "Shopping Bag Arte" competition organized by the Galleria Diletta Vittoria in Via Margutta - Rome

- Participation in the group show "The thousand children of via Margutta"


Il curriculum organico viene visualizzato solamente per gli artisti iscritti a CertArt che abbiano inserito le attività. Scopri di più su certart.com
Back to the city 100x150 acrylic on canvas
Flussi ottici  100x200 Acrilico su tela  2015
Sistemi cosmici 70x70  Acrilico su tela  2017
In the name of the father 100x200 acrylic on canvas
Esplosioni cromatiche 50x70 Acrilico su tela  2023

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