Emily Little

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Emily Little is a visual artist born in Paraparaumu, New Zealand. She grew up in the UK and began painting landscapes in acrylics and watercolours in her early teens. Contemporary to this period, she was introduced to the world of the studio potter, which influenced and stimulated her interest in form. She later studied painting at Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland under Dame Elizabeth Blackadder (1931-2021). 

Her migration to Italy furthered her study of light and colour in her painting. After winning a place to study at the Scuola dell'Arte della Medaglia at the Italian Mint in Rome, she was able to develop her sculptural techniques as well as further her understanding of three-dimensional space, composition and form. At the Mint, amongst other sculptural techniques, she was introduced to bas-relief and casting, the latter inspiring her interest in multiple forms and series.

Her current work sees a fusion of her broad range of experiences.

Emily is constantly looking for new ways to present space in more experiential terms, where the process of mapping the work surface runs parallel to the exploration of an external or imaginary topography. In her recent work, this has led to an affinity in her working procedures and techniques with approaches and methods in contemporary textile art.


“I explore everyday materials for their tensile, tactile, chromatic and "virtual" (transparency and shadow) qualities, pushing the material to see what is possible. I often use recycled elements and consider the environmental impact of the piece itself.

“My personal technique is the result of research on materials that have allowed me to combine my experiences of sculptural and pictorial processes.”

“My current work has evolved as an alternative to less sustainable, traditional sculptural processes such as casting, firing or welding, at the same time, it questions the notion of permanency in sculpture.”


She has exhibited in Scotland, England, Ireland, Finland, France, Italy and Belgium.

She has attended residencies in Spain, Ireland and Finland.


Selected Solo exhibitions

2016         Centre Technique du Papier, Grenoble, France.

2016         KulturriKauppila, Ii, Finland.

2014         Áras Éanna,
Inis Oírr, County Galway, Ireland.


Selected Collective exhibitions

2022       Minitextil Le Beffroi di Montrouge, France.

2021       30° Minitextile, Pinacoteca di Como, Italy

               Artedamangiare, Milan. Una Sedia per Ursula. On-line exhibition + catalogue

2020       Galerie Albert 1er, Bruxelles, Belgium

               The Society of Scottish Artists, Contemporary Open, Edinburgh

               The Royal Hibernian Annual, Dublin

2019        5° Festival Internazionale Dei Depuratori, Milan

                Catharine Miller Contemporary Art Gallery, London

                MAF Museo Acqua Franca, Milao

                The Lost Gallery, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

2013/19   Royal Watercolour Society Annual Exhibition, Bankside Gallery, London

2018        ArtParks International Sculpture Festival, Guernsey

2017        Leinster Gallery, Dublin, Ireland

                Royal Watercolour Society, Bankside Gallery, London

2008/13   The Royal Society of Scottish Watercolourists, RSA Galleries, Edinburgh, Scotland

2011        The Royal Hibernian Annual 2011, Dublin, Ireland

2007/11   Visual Arts Scotland Annual Exhibition, RSA Galleries, Edinburgh, Scotland

2009        Royal Society of British Artists Annual Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London

2006/7     Glasgow Art Fair John Green Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland



2016 KulturriKauppila, Ii Finland: Three-month artist in residency.

2014 Áras Éanna,
Inis Oírr, County Galway, Ireland. 

XXIII Seminario de Sargadelos (one-month ceramic residency) Lugo, Spain. 



2019 Collezione Civica Trame d’Autore, Comune di Chieri (TO)

2007/2009 Dorothy Duff Memorial Prize (Visual Arts Scotland, UK).

Finalista Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust per scultura.

Prix du Conseil General de Versailles per pittura al 124ème Salon de Versailles, France



Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, London, UK. 1. Fusione in bronzo 2. Stampaggio e fusione

Workshop one-to-one su fabbricazione della carta e filigrane realizzati a mano. Cartiere Miliani, Fabriano

Corso triennale, Scuola dell’Arte della Medaglia, Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato, Roma

BA Hons Painting and Drawing, Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland

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Restructured (64x79cm) Acrylic monotype on rice paper.
Open Studio RAW 2018
Emily Little - Title: Blessé (mixed media)
Emily Little - Wirescape II detail
Emily Little - Punainen detail