Stefano Minzi

Stefano Minzi (Milano 1976)

Graduated in History of Contemporary Art at La Sapienza University in Rome. In 1997 he started to be fascinated by printmaking and attended a printmaking course at the Municipal School San Giacomo in Rome. In 2005 he moved to Berlin where, connected with the cultural vivacity of the city, he carried on his artistic research using printmaking and painting media. The interest for experimental printmaking techniques brought Stefano Minzi in London, where from 2007 to 2009, attends a Master course in Printmaking at Camberwell College of Arts (UAL). Since 1998 Stefano Minzi has been showing his works in Italy and abroad.

Personal Exhibitions

2018-ottobre. Marco Bernardi -Stefano Minzi, Temporary Studio; Ex Condotto C, Rome. (Raw 2018)


2013-May. Cristina Falasca -Stefano Minzi, Planetary;
L'Affiche Gallery, Milan.

2013-March. The Wheel of Fortune, Galerie Lifebomb,

2012-Jan. Ouroborus, curated by Manuela Pacella, Ex-Elettrofonica Gallery, Rome.

2011-May. Aria, Lorcan O'Neill Gallery, Street View, Rome.

2009-December. The emperor; Galerie FMAB, Berlin.

2009-May. Digestion; L'Affiche Gallery, Milan.

2008-December. Family Game, curated by Manuela Pacella; Gallery AOCF58, Rome.

2006-Januar. Mater Atomica, Galerie Lifebomb, Berlin.

2005-April. Atomic Dreams; Gallery The Square of Omega; Rome.

Selected Group Exhibitions

2018-June. All art is an imitation of nature, curated by Manuela Evangelista, Museo Orto Botanico, Rome

2018-May. Twiner # 6 Liveliness, curated by Exelettrofonica, International Tennis, Foro Italico, Rome

2018-May. Roman Footprints, Curated by Linford & Kovach, Temple University Rome

2018-February.Print 5, curated by Simona Pandolfi, Lalineaartecontemporanea, Rome

2016-November. Trastevere, Intrecci of Art and Life, curated by Andrea Fogli, Museum of Rome in Trastevere, Rome

2016-March. Lucky Absage, Kreuzberg Pavillion, Berlin

2015-March-June. Metropolis, São Paulo - Venice - Berlin

2013-November. The Paper Flowers Sequence, curated by Martina Cavallarin, SCATOLABIANCA Incubatore, Sant'Elena, Venice, Italy.

2013-May. Quadrilegio, Parma, Italy.

2012-December. All connections will be reach, curated by
Kreuzberg Pavillon, Gartenstudio, Berlin.

2012-March. Inner Homeland / Inner Homeland, curated by Manuela Pacella, Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast, UK.

2011-July. Other Narrations, curated by Andrea Fogli, Laboratory Museum of Contemporary Art, La Sapienza University, Rome, ITA.

2011-June. Exhibition of Works by Italian Contemporary Artists, curated by Carola Syz, Italian Embassy, ​​London, UK.

2011-February. Black and White, Galleria Ugo Ferranti, Rome, ITA.

2010-November. Art Grain, Fridey Mickel Gallery, Berlin, GER.

2010-November. Ecobrain, curated by Martina Cavallarin, EcoArt Project. Ecomondo - Rimini Fiera - Rimini.

2010-October. My Generation, curated by Manuela Pacella, Pietro Canonica Museum, ( Rome, ITA.

2010-August. Parlor No. 17, curated by Meenakshi Thirukode, ( New York, USA.

2010-August. PILOT, project by Marco Pezzotta and scatolabianca (, Berlin, GER.

2010-July. XXVI IN MMIX, a selection of prints. Art's Bar, 25th Camberwell Church Street, London, SE5 8TSUK.

2010-July. The Marginalia Project, Exhibition on the road between Anchorage (AK) and New York City (NY), USA.

2010-March. Interiors, curated by Manuela Pacella, Ugo Ferranti Gallery, Rome, ITA.

2010-February. Guten Abend mein Freund, Gallery Homeland, The Ford Building, 2505 SE 11th ave # 136, Portland, Oregon, USA.

2009-October. Parlor No. 9, Open Season, New York, USA.

2009-Semptember. Marginalia. MTS Gallery, 3142 Mountain View Drive, Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

2009-July. Camberwell MA Show. Camberwell College of Arts (London University) Wison Road, SE5 8LU London, UK.

2008-December. WUNDERKAMMER. The chamber of wonders. Creative Room, Via Tommaso Campanella 36, ​​Rome, ITA.

2008-February. The M.A. & Other Contemporary Art Show 2008, Atkinson Gallery, Millfield School, Butleigh Road, STREET, Somerset BA16 0YD, UK.

2008-January. An Act of Happening, Red Gate Gallery, SW9 8UR London, UK.

2007-November. Mustache Networking Art, 4 Artists with Mustache, Via Villapizzone 26, 20156 Milan, ITA.

2007-November. Climate of Change, 235-245 Union St, SE1 0LR London, UK.

2007-November. Yo! What Happened to Peace ?, The Foundry, Shoredich, London, UK.

2007-July. The 38th Yokosuka Peace Exhibition of Art, JAP.

2007-June. Anonymous Zeichner selection, Kunst-und Kulturverein LINDA, Hamburg, GER.

2006-2007. Anonym Zeichner n.1-7 Blutenweiss Raum Für Kunst, Berlin, GER.

2006 September. OSI (Occupy Internal Spaces), Enzimi, Rome, ITA.

2006-May. Outbox 2006. Villa Serena, Via della Barca 1 - Bologna, ITA.

2005-July. The 36th Yokosuka Peace Ehhibition of Art, JAP.

2005-April. Fibrenus Award - 19th edition, 2005 Engraving Award, Special mention, Civic Museum of Sora, ITA.

2005-April. Italian Under 35 engraving, Art and the printing press 2005 ADAFA, Cremona-Krachowie.

2005-February. STUDIOVO + OSI Beato Angelico is not dead. 4 live evenings at "studiovo" atelier of Annina di Oronzo, RomE, ITA.

2004-September. Laboratory V. Group Exhibition at "Galleria Il Quadrato di Omega" RomE, ITA.

2004-June. Dissolve: young artists in the gallery. Galleria Officina14, Rome, ITA.

2003-November. The Leonardian Artist of the III Millennium, VII International Massenzio Arte Award; Rome, ITA.

2003-July. C.R.R.A.C. Roman Centers Research Contemporary Art, organized by Rome Municipality; The Omega Square, Rome, ITA.

2003-May. Acqui Award; VI International Biennial

Tryptic 2008, Four Colour Xerox Transfer on Canvas
Canne Al Vento, 2010, Installation, Museo Canonica , Rome
Lilit e Cristina, 2018 - Installation, Museo dell'Orto Botanico, Rome
Occhi di Italiani Illustri, 2018, Xerox Transfer. Picture of the installation c/o Twiner#6, Liveliness, Internazionali di Tennis di Roma.