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DaSca is the pseudonym of Daniela Scaccia, born in Milan in 1965, she currently lives and works in Rome, in the Esquilino district.

After humanistic studies she began artistic training with the Diploma at the IED (where she acquired a theoretical / practical training of the main visual communication techniques) and attending the three-year plastic decoration course at the S. Giacomo Art Academy (where she learned the manipulative techniques / sculptures).

DaSca considers art not only as a personal expressive-communicative tool of one's own experience but also as a powerful way of social interaction. The production of more intimate works has for years been accompanied by a teaching work aimed at promoting the critical thinking of the person understood as a user and promoter of changes and reflections on the current society.


June 2018 work sold at auction for the non-profit organization 30 HOURS FOR LIFE

May / June 2018 BIENNALE D 'ARTE DEL TIRRENO, Cava Dei Tirreni

3 May 2018 Exposé at the Ghetto District, Rome, for Engels & Volkers

September 2017 PERSONAL EXHIBITION in Rome, Medina art

June 2011 PERSONAL EXHIBITION in Capri, Caerio foundation

February 2011 collective exhibition at the Il Collezionista Gallery

January 2011 participation in OPEN ART 2011, Sala del Bramante, Rome

December 2010 collective AT THE CENTER OF ART, studio Arte4, Rome

November 2010 participation in the collective "L'arte della fuga" at the Maschio Angioino in Naples

June 2010 AWARD FOR SCULPTURE, Accademia della bussola, Naples

May 2010 CRITICAL AWARD at F.I.A.R. Rome International Art Festival at Villa Pamphili

February 2009 participation in the CITY Art Prize in New York

December 2008 collective exhibition at Galleria Il Tempio, Palermo


November-December 2000 Exhibition at San Ignazio Loyola, Rome

JOIE DE VIVRE, totem ceramico patinato argento.h1,80cm-collezione privata