Katarzyna Bak

Katarzyna Bąk is a contemporary and multidisciplinary artist born in Poland and based in Rome.
Her paintings and drawings have been exhibited internationally witch show a range of artistic expressions.

Katarzyna graduated from a Polish Pedagogical Institute of Art and she
specialised in Lithography. Under the supervision of the mentor, and fellow artist Prof. Grzegorz Banaszkiewicz she presented her viva; she designed and created the set of the thirteen Offset Printing called “Life and Death”.

Since then, Katarzyna has worked as an art designer and photo retoucher working on book design, brand identity, art poster and visual communication for the Film Industry.

1996 “Sight and space”, Painting - Ustka, Poland.
1997  Exhibition of lithographies, Litographe - Antwerp, Belgium.
1998 “Ontomoeting”, Litographe - Czestochowa, Poland.
1999 “Life and death”, Litographe - Krakow, Poland.
2002 “Prove d’artista”, Etchings and Acquatints - Rome, Italy.
2006 “Fuori dei binari”, Drawing - Rome, Italy.
2006 “Crack” - fumetti dirompenti”, Drawing e Painting - Rome, Italy.
2009 “Apophis - kometa”, Painting - Rome, Italy.
2010 “Monna Lisa’s interpretations“ Live painting - Rome, Italy.
2011 “Woman’s theatre” Drawing and Painting - Lodz, Poland.
2016  Cultural traffic, art exhibition - London, United Kingdom.
2018 “Woman Act” Painting and Drawing, ParallaxArtFair - London, United Kingdom.

“Biennale Students’ graphic”, Digital Poster - Poland.
“Carnevale di Ivrea” Winner of the competition, Digital Poster - Italy.
“Bodegas Terras Gauda” - Digital Poster - Spain.
“20th International Poster Biennale”, Digital Poster - Poland.
Africa Crying “Good 50x70”, Digital Poster - Italy.
“IV International Design Festival” Winner of the competition, Digital Poster - Ucraine.
“Animali Contromano”  Children’s Books, Illustrations - Italy.

Information about Katarzyna Bąk is available at: www.katarzynabak.com

eye of the storm collection - supernova
eye of the storm collection - the yellow space
eye of the storm collection - invasion
eye of the storm collection - supernova black