Katsu Ishida, representative of Systema Gallery. He is a designer, painter and also a photographer.
His work is often described as “NEO-JAPO” or “NIPPON-ISM”.
He combines the both techniques Japanese traditional and Western contemporary style using Japanese Ink on his original paper which is handmade in Himalaya,Nepal where there is a one of his house.He explores Japanese identity and how to create contemporary art based on traditional practice to show the Real Modern Japanese Drawing.
His work has been exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions not only in Japan but also all over the world.


・International Art fair…Art stage Singapore/Kiaf Seoul/MIA MIano/The others Torino/YIA Paris/
                                       Art market Budapest/Art Santa fe USA/Aqua art Miami/LA Art show/
                                       Art Osaka .. etc more than 60 times in the world.

・one-man exhibition in Italy…Museo Civico Rocca Flea(PG), Museo Michilangiolesco(AR),
                                                 Museo Diocesano(PG)

yura yura
Black Fuji

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