Eleonora Giorgi

Eleonora Giorgi, born in Rome in 1974. She attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome where she graduated in Painting with a thesis on the work of Alfredo Pirri. She devoted herself to pictorial research, meditating painting in its intrinsic language; it investigates the chromatic frequencies and the pigment material, the light and shadow ratio and the process itself of drawing up the color. This dedication brings her close to the ancient tempera painting of the Byzantine icons painters and for years she "stands in the shop" at the Collegio dei Greci working with Stefano Armakolas, contemporary master of Byzantine iconography. Later she became assistant to Alfredo Pirri, a precious experience that led her to mature the idea of ​​ethics that guides the artist in the rigor and discipline of work, in the relationship with the works and the environment, in the assumption of responsibility of in front of social fruition. She publishes her works in some collective exhibitions that have taken place over the years, preferring intimate places, such as her own studio or sacred places, such as monasteries and churches. She exhibited her first solo exhibition at the premises of Interno 14 in Rome on September 26, 2017, with an exhibition titled "Summa In Aqua" by Helia Hamedani.
She carries out a continuous and lasting research, and currently paints in her own studio in Rome. Lately she joined the "Open Studio" in Rome Art Week in October 2017 and 2018, then exhibited at the "Levels" spaces by Ignorarte. In January 2019 she took part in the collective "Arte e Cura" at "La Fenice" in Rome. The technique she prefers is watercolor, observing in the essential element of water an extraordinary means of expressing color in its movement and in its brightness. The "modus operandi" of Eleonora Giorgi has its roots in informal painting, following a very precise process, where the gesture becomes fundamental, as well as concentration, so that the color can move and become vital on the surface. His research is aimed at investigating the relationships between two or three colors at a time, two of which interact, as in a musical interval, and one acts as a welcoming background, like a harmonic sound. She investigates the possibilities of relationship and encounter, in small format cycles, entitled "variations on the chromatic theme", creating a succession of numerous variations from which she then draws a selection, creating polyptychs. From these small format repetitions, the artist elaborates a further rhythmic cycle on the same theme of chromatic encounter, of about seven, eight works of greater dimensions, the "intervals". Lately he has also dealt with very large dimensions, shifting the pictorial process, from the gesture to the body of the artist (200X140cm). The pictorial material with which she performs the works is a handmade product of personal elaboration of the artist.
Variations on the theme 'Profundere lacrimas'