Mattia Morelli

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Mattia Morelli (1985) soon begins his movements from Lecce to Rome, Turin and Bologna.

After completing his classical studies, he gets his degree in Painting and specialization in Photography at Accademy of Fine Arts.

He exhibits in various artistic events in Italy (Bologna, Milan, Naples, Rome, Spoleto, Turin) and abroad (Amsterdam, Arles, Athens, Budapest, Copenaghen, Grenoble, Los Angeles, Miami, Paris).

Over the years he collaborates with the photographer Nino Migliori, the sculptor Maurizio Mochetti and the art critic Mario Dal Bello.

His photographs are pubblished on Artribune, Il Fatto Quotidiano, La Repubblica and L’Espresso.

From october 2020 he starts teaching graphic, photography and video in High School.

He currently lives and works in Rome.



"Tracks" at IWR JAGUAR LAND ROVER, Rome.
"Before/After" by Collettivo Basement at Fondamenta Gallery, Rome.
"A QUIET SCENE INSTALLATION" by Brian & Roger Eno at Jerry Moss Plaza, The Music Center, Los Angeles.
"35 x 35" at Copelouzos Family Museum, Athens.

"PINK!” by The Artist Room at Charbon Art Cafè, Budapest.
“Piazza l'auto e altri risVOLTI ” by Barbara Martusciello at Antigallery, Rome.
“Basement” at Fondamenta Gallery, Rome.

“Miami New Media Festival” at Dorcam Museum, Miami.
“L&G” at Pierrot Le Fou, Rome.
“Rome Art Week” at Macro Museum, Rome.
“Taccuini d’Artista” by Silvana Leonardi at Palazzo Galloni, Milan.
“Dune” at Oasi san Felice by Giorgio Zorcù and collettivo Clan, Marina di Grosseto (Gr).
“Silenzio, suoni e visioni” at Faro Palascìa by Apulia Stories, Otranto (Le).
“Premio Arte Aniene” ” winner at C. C. Aniene, Rome.
“Pixel 11 x 11” ” by Simona Pandolfi at Studio Sotterraneo, Rome.
"Immagini di Parole” ” by Gianleonardo Latini at Storie Contemporanee, Rome
"Taccuini d’Artista" by Silvana Leonardi at Studio Romitelli, Spoleto.

From March 2018 he is the first Italian artist to be part of the Danish ARTSPOIL project.
From February 2018 he began to collaborate with the Bertolami Fine Arts auction house.
From January 2018 he has been at the side of the artist Maurizio Mochetti in his studio.
In December 2017 he documents the exhibition "Giuseppe Palumbo - Il fotografo in bicicletta" at the Museum of Civilizations in Rome for VISIONI DEL SUD.
From June 2017 he starts his contribute to CHAPEAU ART ed Ignorarte.
From January 2017 he works as the photographer of "PULSIONI - un archivio di mani" with Sara Giordano (curatorship) and Loredana Calvet (art direction).
In March 2015 he photographs the Silverware of Chiesa del Gesù in Rome.
In July 2014 he participates in the festival of "Cinema del Reale" by Paolo Pisanelli in Specchia (Le).
In April 2014 he commits himself, as photographer and assistant, in the organization of the festival "Un Paese. Raccontare il presente italiano" by Christian Caliandro in Bagnacavallo (Ra).
From January 2014 he starts his contribute to "American Accademy" in Roma.
In summer 2012 he is shortlisted for the project "Artist in residence", by the artist Luca Andreoni at the park of Mont Avic in Valle d'Aosta. Then he supplies with several photos in the "Frontier" project, by Claudio Musso and Fabiola Naldi in Bologna.
As photographer he cooperates for three years with "Festival d'arte contemporanea di Faenza" and, starting in January 2012, with the "Artribune" magazine.

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Events at Rome Art Week

24 Oct-15 Nov 2022
Fabio Milani
Mostra collettiva - 21 artisti riscattano il colore rosso per un mondo migliore
Free admission
Vernissage Monday 24 Oct 2022 | 17:30-20:30
Studio Fabio Milani/ Terrazza Milani
Via Uffici del vicario 33 int. 7 - Roma
27-29 Oct 2022
Take Off
Open studio: Amici, Baccaille, Giordano, Longo, Morelli, Prosperi, Spernazza.
Free admission
Vernissage Thursday 27 Oct 2022 | 18:00
Fondamenta / Inside Art
Via A. Fraccaroli angolo Via G. Stefani - Roma
25-30 Oct 2021
Open studio Basement: C. Amici, M. Giordano, G. Longo, M. Morelli, G. Spernazza.
Free admission
Fondamenta / Inside Art
Via A. Fraccaroli angolo Via G. Stefani - Roma
25-29 Oct 2021
Exhibition of the works of the artist Mattia Morelli
Free admission
Vernissage Monday 25 Oct 2021 | 16:30-18:30
IWR Automotive
Via Leonida Bissolati 70 - Roma
25-26 Oct 2019 | 18:30-23:30
Mattia Morelli

Free admission
Open Studio
Pierrot Le Fou
via Macerata 58 - Roma
22-27 Oct 2019
The 14° edition MNMF will land in Italy in the context of RAW
Free admission
Macro Asilo, MACRO - Museo d'Arte Contemporanea di Roma
via Nizza 138 - Roma
25-27 Oct 2018 | 18:00
Mattia Morelli

Free admission
Open Studio
Via Arnaldo Fraccaroli 9 - Roma
25 Oct-02 Nov 2018
Comparing the works of Margherita Giordano and Mattia Morelli
Free admission
Vernissage Thursday 25 Oct 2018 | 18:30
Fondamenta / Inside Art
Via A. Fraccaroli angolo Via G. Stefani - Roma
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