Claudio Sciascia

ARTISTIC CURRICULUM                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Claudio Sciascia was born in Rome in 1958. After scientific studies, in 1980, he graduated in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome with prof. Franco Gentilini. Then, in 1988, he took a degree in sculpture with prof. Emilio Greco. His art originates from the study of the classical masters of the Renaissance (Paolo Uccello, Piero della Francesca, Van Eyck, Antonello, rosso, Mantegna, Durer, Giorgione, Titian), of the symbolism (Bocklin), of the surrealism (Magritte) and of the metaphysics (De Chirico). ... the "masters" of the past guide the student's emotions, encourage him to deepenhis compositional theme, which he sometimes expresses in details and masters it as a sleight of hand: ...Sciascia is a "gentleman" both in art and in life. First of all, he addresses things, questioning them with loving enthusiasm and scrupulous attention, since art represents for him a possibility of dialogue and openness for a communion with emotions. For this reason, his paintings are (perfectly) conceived "a regola d'arte". They are the result of a meticulous education that demands much more than a simple reproduction of the image itself. ... (Duccio Trombadori)                                                                                                                              ...Quotations and influences are numerous and various, from Carpaccio to the Flemish, up to sumptuosus De Chirico in whom the metaphysical enchantment persists. These are followed not only by the resounding amplitudes of Ariostoand the levity of Boiardo but also by the Greek myths, the legends of the gloomy Middle Ages, the magnificent gesture of the restless Renaissance and the greedy and devouring modernity: all of them are plot and frame of Sciascia's painting, wich is so much to show. ... It is worth asking in what time and to what extent these works are placed by Claudio Sciascia. Certainly in the time and space of the imagination that nurtures, exalts, rears up itself, but also that becomes melancholic and exhausted. Certainly in a game produced by the fantasy that mixes everithing up the creates confusion. ... (Elio Pecora)                                                             The painter manoeuvres very well among Metaphysics, Magical Realism and Surrealism. Nevertheless, he refuses the automatism of Breton's Surrealism. The work is the result of a slow and precise research which does not lead the painting to be the document of a dream, but to be the space of manoeuvre for a daydream. This delirium is the consequence of a mind inexorably precipitated within the imaginary. Claudio Sciascia can be considered an heir to the last historical Avant-garde. Scholars state that Surrealism is not only an irreducible enemy of bourgeois socety, but it also rejects reality as such. Sciascia agrees with them. In fact for him, art represents the exact counterpart of the visible universe. Painting he concludes, means surrendering to the charm of the lack of time and logic; in the end, it is a declaration of absolute freedom, which has been found by Sciascia in the late and peripheral gesture of a painting intented as a silent and incredible chimaera. ... (Robertomaria Siena)                                                                                                     Solo shows: 1994 (Sanze Indipendenti gallery - Rome); 1996 "Elogio della Pittura" (Trfalco Art gallery - Rome); 1997 "Nuvole, rose e ..." (Palazzo Bruschi - Tarquinia VT); 2000 (Castello pirro del Balzo - Venosa, PZ); 2001 "Non Fiori" (Studio S - Contemporary Art - Rome); 2004 "Fontane, luoghi e colori di Roma" (Studio S - Contemporary Art - Rome); 2008 Primaverile Romana A.R.G.A.M. "Prendere posizione" (La Vetrata gallery - Rome); 2009 "Metropoli" (Studio S - Contemporari Art - Rome); 2010 "Sacre Visioni" (Studio S -Contemporary Art - Rome); 2011 "Controcorrente, L'Isola dei Morti e Altre Visioni" (Studio S - Contemporary Art - Rome); 2012 "L'attraversamento dell'altrove" (Incontro d'Arte gallery - Rome); "La pittura come miraggio" (Vittoria gallery - Rome); 2015 "Le ombre della sera" (Art Gallery l'Acquario - Rome); 2018 "Piccola antologica" (SPAZIO-ERRE - Rome).                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Group shows: 1986 "Natale a Primavera" - stage and musical actions (Academy of Fine Arts - Rome); 1988 "Expò Arte" (Bari); 1990 "Arte Architettura Design - La pietra svelata" (Second Biennial of L'Aquila 1988-1990); 1991 "Fragmenta - Esperienze, ricerche e tendenze artistiche nel Lazio" (Jolly Hotel Midas - Rome); 1993 "National Competition-Artistic Works Exhibition for Lazio" (Award for the Agenti barrak, Rebibbia - Rome); 1997 "Etruria Arte" - VIII International Competition of Painting and Sculpture - Venturina GR; 2001 "Pub - Art and advertising" (Studio S - Contemporary Art - Rome); 2002 "Rose -Frutti - Alberi" (Ex Mattatoio - Rome); 2004 "La natura e l'uomo" (Salone di maggio, Vittoriano Museum - Rome); "Cleopatra" (Bacu Museum of Mmodern Art - Azerbaijian);  2005 "Roma: luoghi e colori" Salone di maggio, Vittoriano Museum - Rome); 2007 Primaverile Romana A.R.G.A.M."Ricerca ed elogio della forma" (Salone di Primavera, Venanzo Crocetti Museum - Rome); 2008 "Rome - Paris - New York (Sciascia - Alecinsky - Castaldo)" (Studio S - Contemporary Art - Rome); 2010 Primaverile Romana A.R.G.A.M. "Sacro Contemporaneo" (Venanzo Crocetti Museum - Rome); "Muro contro Muro" - traveling exhibition (Punto Einaudi, Salerno - Certosa di San Lorenzo, Padula, SA); 2011 "In memoria della Shoah" (Old Jaffa Museum - Tel Aviv, Israel); "S.O.S. PALMA" (Studio S - Contemporary Art - Rome); "Le Tecniche Artistiche tra tradizione e modernità" (Agostiniana gallery - Rome); A.R.G.A.M. biennal "Piccola, piccola, piccola così" (Venanzo Crocetti Museum - Rome); "Nel segno di Roma" (Incontro d'Arte gallery - Rome); 2012  "XXXIX Sulmona Prize" (International Exhibition of Contemporary Art - Sulmona); "Un'Arte per la Vita" (Venanzo Crocetti Museum - Rome); "Claudio Sciascia e la pittura come miraggio" (Vittoria gallery - Rome); 2013 "L'Eresia della Pittura" - IV National Exhibition of Contemporary Arts (Palazzo Orsini - Bomarzo, VT); "Lo scandalo della pittura" (Atelier Montez - Rome); 2014 "Arte Sutri - la passione della pittura" (Patrimonium museum Sutri); "Nel cerchio di Moreau" (Gallery 23 - Rome); 2016 "Pontino music festival: "Simbolo,sogno,mistero" (Former church of San Michele Arcangelo - Sermoneta, LT); 2018 "I Percorsi dell'Anima" (I Preferiti gallery - Rome); "Pittoricamene" (Department of Mental Health, ASL Roma2).