Georgina Spengler

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Georgina Spengler was born in Athens, Greece in 1959, where she spent her early childhood. Her family first moved to the United States when she was eight and then to Holland, when she was a teenager. There, amidst Rembrandt, Ruisdael, and Vermeer began her interest in painting and she frequented the Frije Academie of The Hague, taking figure drawing and painting classes.

After finishing school, and with a very romantic vision of painting and art, she set off for Paris where she spent one year and attended the course of Cèsar at the Ecole des Beaux Arts.

Seeking a more structured approach to painting she then went to study at the Boston University School of Fine Arts. She eventually completed her academic studies at the Corcoran Gallery and School of Art in Washington D.C.

She has shown continuously over the past 30 years in various group and solo shows, often collaborating with other artists. Following is a partial list:

2019- “Un Certain Regard” with Daniela monaci and Edith Urban, Galleria La Nube di OOrt, Rome

         -   Atelier #2, MacroAsilo, MACRO, Rome

         -   “Il segno dell’acqua” MAC Maja Arte Contemporanea, Rome

2018- Solo exhibition “Thalassa | Ouranos” at MAC Maja Arte Contemporanea, Rome

2017- Solo exhibition based on the poetry of Giorgios Seferis “Cisterns and Wells” at Samara Gallery Houston. 

        -  With  Serafino Amato “rare fare” at Hyunnart Studio, Rome.

2016- With the photographs of Serafino Amato and the poet Beatrice Talamo, a collaborative project “La Magnifica Risonanza” at Casa Jellici in Tessero, val di Fiemme. Group show “Fragili Eroi” Museo Bilotti, Rome.

2015-  MAC Maja Arte Contemporanea, Rome, solo exhibition “Buone Notizie”.

2014-  In collaboration with Myriam Laplante “In the end it will all be alright. Ha!", within the  series of shows “Side by Side” at monti&co, Rome.

2012-  founded together with a group of artists, 'Casa con Vista'; a circuit of 15 private houses in Rome, each hosting one artist who then created a specific installation for the house. The of the houses, all within walking distance of each other, was then open to the public.

2010- she collaborated with a group of four poets and another painter, Edith Urban, on the project 'The silent space between the words'. The writers and painters set themselves in a continuum; the images and the words influencing and feeding each other. The final show was held at the Temple University Gallery in Rome and a second edition was held in Leipzig at the Spinnerei, hosted in the space of Colonia 210 in 2012.

2008- Spengler's paintings have often dealt with poetry, she made a series of paintings dealing with the imagery of John Keats' final voyage towards Rome in 1820. It was exhibited in the Keats and Shelly Museum in Rome.

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Tarkovskij -1    2020      Oil and charcoal on wood     80x70 cm
Tarkovskij-3.   2020.     Oil and charcoal in wood.    90 x 80 cm
Big cloud      2018.     Oil and charcoal on paper      140 x 240 cm
Thrush.    2019.    Oil and charcoal on wood.   30 x 22 cm