Lucrezia Testa Iannilli





Born in Rome, Lucrezia started by studying languages, then devoted herself full time to working in the equestrian world. She first moved to Bulle in Switzerland, then to Canada where she attended the Mont Saint Hilaire Equestrian Academy and studied under the champion Allan Allard. She graduated from the FEQ (Federal Equestrian Academy of Quebec) as Federal Instructor in horse riding at the age of 17. In June 1995, joined by the CGR staff, she inaugurated the first national rodeo circuit, actively contributing to the historic birth of Rodeo in Italy. She continued in this profession putting on various shows and taking part in different projects until 1997 when she moved to Tuscany and Lazio where she was a young Western style and reining instructor, horse trainer and competition judge. From 1998 to 2000 she worked in Rome for the international champion Dario Carmignani as assistant trainer.


She then moved to Brazil where she rode horses in sports events and began to work with a show business and event management company in Belo Horizonte. After two years, she moved back to Italy working as a theatre tour manager and artistic director. In 2006, she launched a cultural activity in Rome, combining for the first time contemporary art, performance and photography. In 2008, she left for London then Paris working as a freelance art director. She started up a Creative Team, working with several photographers for image campaigns, advertisements and art, music and dance events. From 2011, she continued working in communications, moving to Palermo and the Island of Favignana.


2013 saw Lucrezia back in France in Toulouse, where she developed a refined stylistic approach to photography and found a more mature artistic expression. She now specialises in site-specific performance, art direction and action photography, currently working all over Europe enriching her artistic vison and moving her creative projects forward.

The opportunity to present an individual exhibition took her back to Palermo in January 2016. Here, she exhibited “Fuori Formato” (FPAC Gallery Project Wall) a working- pro collection of 22 photographs taken (for a year) with the famous Italian actress Sabina Guzzanti.

In April 2015 and 2016 together with the Francesco Pantaleone Art Gallery, she took part in MIART, the international contemporary art fair in Milan, where she presented the diptych Animalia, part of her portfolio and long term project Wild Horses






Mag 2019 MACRO ASILO - Autoritratto - Roma Museo Macro 

Apr 2019 Dance Like There's Nobody Watching - progetto OpenHouse - Viterbo

Dec 2018 Premio Adrenalina - Adrenalina Festival - Roma

Nov 2018, 30 di noi - collettiva - Roma


Oct 2018, Game of Vanth Cicle Episode IV - Open Studio RAW Festival Rome - Villa Blanc

Sep 2018, Game of Vanth Episode III - Vulci

Aug 2018, Gates, Palazzo Buotta, Tolfa Art Festival - Tolfa

Dec 2017, Personne et Moi (Game of Vanth Episode II) – Jeudi Soir (Hus Gallery) – Paris

Sept 2017, Il Sale della Terra - ETuscia Movie Fest -Tuscania

May 2017, Open Landscapes – InConnection Art Gallery, Castello Baglioni di Santacroce - Graffignano 

Jan 2017, Gates, Arte Fiera Bologna, InConnection Art Gallery

May 2016, Game of Vanth Episode I - Vulci

Jan 2016, Fuori Formato - Francesco Pantaleone Art Gallery, Palermo

Apr 2016-17 Animalia - MiArt International Art fair Milan, Francesco Pantaleone Art Gallery

Oct 2015 Elevator – Pastificio Cerere, Roma

Jul 2015 Festina Lente - Santa Rosalia, Palermo




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Sept 2016 and April 2017 - pubblication of the Reportage: Rodeo “Wild Horses” and “A race Story” on MIA-LEJOURNAL art-fashion magazine Milan, London, New York // LensCulture Exposure Awards 2017, MACRO Residency 2017, Master of Photography 2017-18, Urban Photo Awards 2016, Magnum Photo Awards 2016, Premio Tabo’fotoleggendo 2015-16, Citè Internationale des Arts Paris 2015 call for artist.


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