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Paola Maddalena artist.                        

Paola Maddalena was born in Rome, where she lives and works- who declares herself - "architecht by choice, artist by nature" - has a particular passion for the "wall", a physical element usually used to delimit architectural spaces. Drawing inspiration from the creative potential offered by the lightweight concrete blocks he uses on interior construction sites, he defines his work as "Wall Art" because he is constantly looking for a new sense to give to this material: the wall is transformed into a sculptural element of furniture following the insertion, in the construction phase, of sculptured and finished blocks. Daughter of art, with a training aimed at finding the beauty and proportions - which he pursues both in architecture and in his artistic expressions - has inherited love and passion, art in all its forms and after having expressed his creativity through the use of conventional painting techniques on supports such as tables, canvases and walls, has shifted his attention to the creation of three-dimensional works, sculptures born from the desire to reinterpret a material so usual in construction, as innovative and experimental in sculpture, as lightened concrete.

Among the events and exhibitions in which he participated, we note:  Personal exhibition Wall Art between sky and sea of ​​July 2017 at the Bastione di Cervo (IM), sculptures dedicated to nature, women and freedom. Also in 2017, one of the sculptural works of Maddalena was donated to the annual winner of the Strega Prize, Paolo Cognetti. Personal exhibition of sculptures Beyond the wall, with tables and preparatory drawings of the works, at the Angelica Gallery in Via di S. Agostino, 11 - Rome. Exhibitions 2015 - 2018 Group exhibitions: Leonessa - 1st International Contemporary Art Expo (August 2015)? - Spoleto Festival Art (25-28 September 2015)? - Leonessa - Duemilasedici Art Festival (24 August -11 September 2016)? - Leonessa - Festival Arte 2017 "The art of rebirth" (23 August - 3 September 2017)? - Spoleto Art Festival 2017 "Art in the city" (22 -25 September 2017)? - Orvieto Aion Art Festival (31 May-10 June 2017 )? - Architects Artists - Acquario Romano Headquarters Architects Rome (24 November 2017)? Personal Sculpture Exhibitions: WALL ART between sea-sky - Saracen Bastion in Cervo (IM) 1-11 July 2017 - Open Studio - ARCKING Studio, Architecture and Art - (18 May 2018) Do the architects open their studies to the public organized by the CNAPPC - BEYOND THE WALL - Angelica Gallery Rome - (11-18 June 2018)- 

Il curriculum organico viene visualizzato solamente per gli artisti iscritti a CertArt che abbiano inserito le attività. Scopri di più su
 MEDUSA 2019 : sculpture made whit lightened concrete blocks. Drawing with  graphite and clay on a table.. Painting on canvas of the
WAVES : sculpture made whit lightened concrete blocks.
FIND :  lightweight scultured concrete end materic diptych - mixed tecnique
Splash: Wall insert sculpted by lightened concrete blocks.