Barbara Reale

Barbara Reale

Born in Rome where he lives and works.
Informal, tries to increase the dynamic between artist and guest. Visualize the emotions and investigate the dichotomy between different readings in the search for spirituality.

His painting is "restless" and the possible interpretation becomes manifold as in the work in which perhaps human figures can be distinguished as scratched on the layers of color.
His works never show the complete structure. This translates into the fact that the artist can easily imagine his own interpretation without being hampered by reality. With a conceptual approach inspired sometimes by the sacred Biblical texts to the Cabala, it creates intense and personal moments created masterfully by rules and omissions, acceptance and rejection, attracting the spectator in round and round.
His works respond directly to the surrounding environment and use the daily experiences of the artist as a starting point.

Website: - Email: - ​​Instagram:@realeart Tel: +393476204172

Facebook: barbarareale - Instagram: realeart

The Power of Prayer - oil on paper 70x50 cm
Hug - watercolor 30x40 cm
shades on water - acrilic on canvas - diptych 100x50 cm
Divina Commedia - oil on canvas 50x70 cm