Patrizia Genovesi


DOP, Director, Professional photographer, video artist, teacher of photography and cinematographic photography, popularizer of artistic subjects. Patrizia Genovesi is a significant presence in the panorama of contemporary photography and video art. The quality of the image and the balance of the composition, deeply influenced by the great Italian pictorial tradition, the fascination for technology and the search for contamination and synergies between different arts position his work among the most interesting of this period.

Starting from a scientific background, Patrizia Genovesi feeds on her eclecticism and her artistic sensibility with an uninterrupted study. His photography includes among his masters Leonard Freed, Richard Kalvar and Moises Samam of the international Magnum Photos agency. He studies history of art and music, acquires other skills as a screenwriter with director Mario Monicelli and writer-winner of the Strega Award Domenico Starnone, he studies theater directing with the Argentine Renzo Casali of the Actor Studio. Starting in the 2000s, he collaborated in the creation of documentary registers and services with television, radio and newspapers. His Nobel Prize photographs, including Rita Levi-Montalcini, John Nash, Richard Ernst, Robert Mundell, and Frank Wilczeck, were published on the site by the Stockholm Nobel Prize Organization.
His portraits by photographer Leonard Freed of Magnum Photos are part of the permanent collection of the Musèe de la Photographie in Charleroi (Belgium). His portraits of important American painters of the contemporary Florentine Academy, including Ramiro, Nelson White and Ben Fenske, were exhibited by the Grenning Gallery in New York and are part of the collection. The photo used by Frank Wilczeck is from MIT in Boston. His multimedia project Arte e Scienza was presented to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Rome as a central event for the inaugural evening of the meeting of Italian Ambassadors in the World. His photographic work on the mathematician Andrew Wiles was published by Shinchoscha. His portraits of Rita Levi-Montalcini are on display at Kamienna Gora (Poland) during the celebrations for the Nobel Prize winner Victor Hamburger and are still part of the collection. Patrizia Genovesi participates this year in the World Press Photo. Today she is active in the planning, creation and organization of events, video photographic installations and exhibitions that exploit the synergies between photography and other expressive languages ​​commonly thought distant, such as symphonic and operatic music, digital technology and architecture. These events, which are aimed at a modern and open public, have been successfully presented in various locations in Italy and abroad, including institutional spaces, airports and public libraries. She is also active in vocational and academic training and in the dissemination of photographic culture through seminars and conferences on the main themes concerning the world of image. Patrizia Genovesi is represented in the United States by the Grenning Gallery in New York. He actively collaborates with the Roma Tre University with which he carries out projects and Masterclasses. Patrizia Genovesi is a photographer certified by Google

Patrizia Genovesi

DOP, Director, professor of photography, disseminator of artistic and scientific subjects.

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