Paolo Garau

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My name is Paolo Garau and I mainly deal with sculpture, key for me of experimentation and growth.

My passion for art stems from the urgency of communicating the most intimate ideas and needs.

My work allows me to elaborate thoughts that I subsequently realize, in a continuous search of balance between substance and idea.

My artistic career begins at the Art Institute of Anzio (RM) and then continues at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, where I was lucky enough to have really stimulating study companions.

After the Academy I participated in numerous exhibitions and artistic residences in Italy and abroad: Berlin with the Leonardo project, at the castle of Rivoli (TO) with "Real Presence" and in Cosenza with the Bocs Art. I dealt with the creation of sceneries, events and design elements for clubs, private homes and for the show "The Tempest” for Del Carretto’s theatre. I designed and created the "Cetri Tires" awards in partnership with Jeremy Rifkin. I also collaborated for the design and construction of the stagings for the "Strong Bold Gold" event for Heineken in Milan directed by Luca Tommassini.

I live in Rome where I am a teacher of Plastic Disciplines at the Giulio Carlo Argan art school and I have my workshop in Testaccio where I carry on my artistic research work.


Date of birth: 26.06.1975


1994. High school diploma, Anzio Art Institute, fabric section.

1998. Academy of Art diploma, Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, sculpture section.

  1. 1999. June/September Attendance at the TAM sculpture course in Pietrarubbia, directed by Arnaldo Pomodoro.
  2. 2009. High school diploma, Marino Art Institute, ceramic section.



Personal exhibitions


2019- Umberto Mastroianni Foundation, Arpino (FR) “Fragment”

2018- O’Vascio,Somma Vesuviana(NA) “Something about me will be yours forever”.

2012-Fondi (LT). 16-25 March. Caetani castle. “Classic Introspections”. Sponsored by: City of Fondi, Lazio Region and UniVerde Foundation.

2011-Anzio (Rm). 22 December-7 January. Archaeological civic museum. “Classic Introspections”.    Sponsored by: Tor Vergata University of Rome, faculty of Literature and Philosophy, UniVerde Foundation and City of Anzio.

2008-Anzio (Rm).3-10 August. Museum of the Imperial Villa. “Plastic Interactions”. Sponsored by: City of Anzio, Archaeological civic museum and the Research and documentation center on the landing of Anzio.

2006- Nepi-Settevene (Viterbo) 21 October- 21 November. Arturarte Gallery. “Face to face”.

2004-Nettuno, 23 July-3 August. “Portes Ouvertes”-“Only Skin”, installations and musical performance by “Live set:v10”.

2003- Berlin-Kreuzberg, Germany. 27 May-20 June. “Sox36” Gallery, in  Oranienstrasse 177, “Wandel des Menschen”. Sculptural installations and performance.


   Among the main group exhibitions


2018- Rome “Present” Ripa69 Printshop, collective exhibition of author graphics

- Rome, “Sculpture exhibition in the Pineto park” 19 May-19 June, Casa del parco library.

        - Narni, “Tracce 13” ed. Middle Age, Today Narni Art Contemp 24 April- 13 May

2017- Amatrice, “HEART” VI edition , ex San Francesco Convent.

          -Sant’Anna del Furlo (Pesaso-Urbino), “VI edition of the Land Art at the Furlo “SAXUM”, 26 August-23 September, sponsored by The House of Artists.

          -Rome, “Trascendences Bocs8 “9-14 October, Rome Art Week.

          -Rome, “Borders” …between graphics, etching and monotype, in collaboration with Tevere’s Printshop and Caprini Laboratory, 13 October-13 November.

         -Torri in Sabina (RI), “TAROT” Pecora Nera Art Laboratory, 9-30 December

2016- Tivoli, Etiam Perire Ruinae: Tivoli Remembers Palmira, Este’s stables, 16-27 December.

         -Rome, 16 December 2016-14 January 2017, “TAROT” The experience of the symbol, Tevere’s Printshop.

         -Rothenburg ob der Tauber , “I AM / WE ARE behind the dreams - 6 way”. Burggarten Gallery, Francesca De Rubeis,Susanna Doccioli,Alessandro Fornaci,Paolo Garau,Giovanni Piccini,Maria Semmer, 23 July- 7 August.

           -Sant’Anna del Furlo (Pesaso-Urbino), “VII edition of the Land Art al Furlo Totem vertical writings”, 21 August-18 September, sponsored by the House of Artists.

            -Cosenza, 6 -15 January. PLAY BoCS, Cosenza riverside.

2015-Rome, 5 December- 9 January "The good ritual" collective "Gold, incense and machine gun". Art and Thoughts Gallery.

        -Pomezia, Prizegiving 24 September, “Land Desires”. AlModo cultural Association. Sponsored by: City of Pomezia.

        -Pomezia 21/28/29 March. “Dismayed” collateral event of contemporary art dedicated to Senzatomica. “Torre Civica” Indipendence Square Pomezia

         -Anzio, from May to June: Shingle22j, “Enjoy your meal” Anzio and Nettuno’s Contemporary Art Biennial. Sponsored by: City of Anzio, Province of Roma and Lazio Region.

         -Montalcino, 20-23 February 2015: “Divinocontemporaneo”, Montalcino Cloister Museum.

2014-Anzio, 8 June: Museums in the square , Garibaldi Square. Sponsored by: City of Anzio.

2013-Anzio, 7-22 September 2013: Shingle 22J. IV Anzio Nettuno Contemporary Art Biennial.

2012-Fondi (LT), 6 - 28 October, Basement Project Room, “The first awakening”.

2010-Cuneo, 4-14 November. Exhibition spaces of Samone Palace, Cuneo. “De Pulchritudine”. Sponsored by: Piemonte Region, Province of Cuneo, City of Cuneo, City of Fossano,  City of  Savigliano, Rivoli castle and Peano Foundation.

2009-Rome 26 May. Valle ancient Library, “Combinations”.

2009-Rome 13 May 2009 ... 30 May – 7 June 2009 VERSUS 2009 – CRIU versus BRAHMAN urban street art expo. Circle of artists “STICK MY WORLD”.

2008-Rome, June. Rione monti. “Contemporary Monti”. Sponsored by: City of Roma and Province of Roma.

         -Rivoli (To), 7/14 September. Rivoli castle. “Real presence”.

2007  Anzio (Rm), Shells Room/Civic Musem of Anzio. “Shingle22J”, Images of contemporary visions of the landing of Anzio. Sponsored by:  Province of  Rome, UPI Lazio and city of Anzio.

           Catalogue: Shingle22J “images of contemporary visions of the landind of Anzio and Nettuno.

      - Cassino, November. Documentation center of the book of the artist. “V Biennial of the Book of the Artist”.

      Sponsored by: Lazio region and City of Cassino. Catalogue:” V Biennial Book of the artist city of Cassino”.

2006-Pomezia-Rome, 25 March/31 May. Sp Systema. “Offside” by Massimo Lupoli. Catalogue by Massimo Lupoli, text by Stefano Elena : SP System nd Arturarte  contemporary “Offside”.

        - Rome, 26 March. Artist circle. “The value of absence”, Local Art -Territories of Art.., by Elena Paloscia.

        -Hunary. May. Székesfehérvar. “Fourth Internetional Artists’book Exhibition, “...A new Surprise... For Our Readers!” .Catalogue: “...A new Surprise... For Our Readers!” “Fourth Internetional Artists’book Exhibition”.

        -Pietrarubbia (Macerata) 16 July-16 October. “Metals on show”. Sponsored by: Provinces of Pesaro and Urbino and the city of Pietrarubbia.

2005-Rome - Contemporary Art Laboratory Museum, Contemporary Art International Center, Genazzano, Colonna Castle. Naraja Room, Valencia(Spain). Group exhibition, “Plot Art Europa”.

           Sponsored by:  Lazio region culture department, entertainment and sport, application of new multimedia technologies for contemporary art. City of Genazzano culture departmen. Catalogue: curated by Gianluca Marziani and Massimo Lupoli “ <PLOT ART Europe”.

         -Frosinone.  “X Lart

2002-Anzio, 8 December Group exhibition, “Young artists from Anzio and Europe” curated by Paola D’Andrea.  Shell’s room – Adele Villa

         Sponsored by city of Anzio, culture department. Catalogue: Young artists from Anzio and Europe, curated by Paola D’andrea.

       - Nettuno (RM) 31 July. “Kermessexpress”.

       - Frosinone, Isola del Liri, Veroli, Acuto, 19 June/ 9 August. Xlart, “Rigeneration”.

2001-Rome. Campo dei Fiori.  “Only 27 luJuly”.

       - Rome, A. Poliziano street   n 27. “Surfing in Rome”, group exhibition presented by Giusi Canzonieri.


2000-Milan, 27 November 1999 / 22 January 2000. Exhibition Young Artist center TAM, at the foundation Arnaldo Pomodoro.

1999-Alatri (FR), 24 April/13 June. 27° National Biennial of Alatri about contemporary art,

         with special mention of the jury. Sponsored by: City of Alatri, Ministry of Education, inspectorate for artistic education, Lazio region and province of Frosinone. Catalogue: “Fine arts academies, exhibition of painting, sculpture, decoration, scenography.

        -Rome, 8/10 June. La Palma Gallery. Roman Festival youth works– From expressiveness to art: 120 roman young artists in exhibition.

        -Pietrarubbia, Macerata. National exhibition -TAM of sculpture. Artistic direction by Eliseo Mattiacci. Curated by Arnaldo Pomodoro.     

1998- Rome, 2/5 June. “Artistic Anatomy Proposals”, at the Interno 7 cultural association.

1997 -Rome, 16 May/2 June. Modern Art Gallery, Brunetti 49. Group Exhibition of Artistic Anatomy, studies and drawings of the students of the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome.

        - Rome-Mentana, May, Sculpture group exhibition.

1996 - Nettuno, 7/14 June. “Knulp” Gallery. Musical Performance by L. Ferracci from the Permanent Improvisation Center.



2019- Florence, R-evolution, Current Art exhibition, Innocents museum. - Anzio (RM) Shingle22j VII Biennial of contemporary art of Anzio (Untitled) 3°classified.

2018- Somma Vesuviana (NA) Dis-play 2.0, contemporary art competition 1°classified .2005-Rome, Alpheus “Marte Live”. 1° classified pictorial performance competition. (in partnership with Alessandro Pierattini).

2005-Rome, Alpheus 8/14 June. “Marte Live”. 1° classified pictorial performance competition. (With Alessandro Pierattini). Sponsored by : City of Rome, Province of Rome, Roma tre university.

2000- Milan, 12/ 21 December. Selected by the “Terzo Millennio” international sculpture award.      Sponsored by: Ministry of culture. Catalogue: “Third Millennium, International Sculpture Award”.

1998- Cuneo, 9/20 October. Peano Foundation. Second National competition ”Sculpture to live”      about The Tree. 2° prize. Sponsored by: Piemonte region, Province of Cuneo, city of Cuneo and Chinese Embassy in Italiy. Catalogue: “The tree” 2°National competition of sculpture to live.



2015- Cosenza, 26 December – 6 January .Bocs Art Cosenza , by Alberto Dambruosio.

2008- Rivoli (To),  7/14 September, Rivoli castle. “Real presence”.

2001-02  Berlin, workshop from Miguel Rothchild. Stage with scolarship from the European Community programme “Leonardo da Vinci”.



2019- Realization of the sculptures for the show “The Tempest”: this things of darkness acknoledge mine, da William Shakespeare, del Carretto theatre.

2011- October, project and realization of the awards “Cetri Tires” for the best commitment for the promotion of the third industrial revolution. Chaired by Jeremy Rifkin.


November, Project and realization of the scenery for the theathral show “ Fedra rivista a tranci”

by Andrea Cosentino directed by Valentina Rosati.


April, Project and realization of the scenery for the event “Strong Bold Gold” for the Heineken of Milan directed by Luca Tommassini.


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24 Oct-15 Nov 2022
Fabio Milani
Mostra collettiva - 21 artisti riscattano il colore rosso per un mondo migliore
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Vernissage Monday 24 Oct 2022 | 17:30-20:30
Studio Fabio Milani/ Terrazza Milani
Via Uffici del vicario 33 int. 7 - Roma
30 Oct 2021 | 18:00-21:00
Paolo Garau

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Open Studio
Studio Paolo Garau
lungotevere testaccio n1 - Roma
27 Oct 2020 | 18:00-20:00
Paolo Garau

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Open Studio
Studio Paolo Garau
lungotevere testaccio n1 - Roma
26 Oct-14 Nov 2020
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Bat-Gallery / Studio Milani
Vicolo del Puttarello, 31 ( Fontana di Trevi ) - Roma
25-26 Oct 2018 | 16:30-20:30
Paolo Garau

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Open Studio
Studio Paolo Garau
lungotevere testaccio n1 - Roma
09-22 Oct 2017
Trascendenze - BoCs 8
Mostra collettiva di artisti che sono uniti da un comune spirito
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L'Atelier del Villaggio Globale
Lungotevere Testaccio, 1 - Roma
13 Oct 2017 | 18:00
Trascendences BoCs8
"Trascendenze BoCs8" is a project concepted by an artist’s group who have lived
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Atelier Villaggio Globale Testaccio
Lungotevere Testaccio, 1 - Roma
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