Donatella Vici



1996-1997   Electroacoustic composition at Pantin's National Music School, Paris

1985-1986  Graphic Techniques at the National Calcography of Rome

1975-1979   Bachelor Degree in conservation from the Superior Central Institute of Restoration of  Rome(ISCR)

1970-1974   High School Degree from a High School specialized in artistic education.



Collective exhibitions


2017      IV edition of the Biennal of the Book of the Artist, Naples Castel dell'Ovo, with the book entitled "Morning" "

             “Levels art exhibition- 2rd edition”-Faenas – Rome : Performance "Present immobility"

2016      “The Rialto Body - An artistic resilience of a place.” – exsposed work: " In becoming.triptych”-Rialto S.Ambrogio -Rome

2001      “All the power is to create”, Roman Aquarius, Rome.

1998      “Vanishing Point Fable”, Pomi Castle Colonna of Genazzano, Rome.

             “Works in progress”,  Modern and Contemporary Art Museum of the Municipality of Rome (GCAMC).

1997      “Etude en delta”, electro-acoustic composition, concert at the Auditorium of the Municipality ofPantin, Paris.

             “International Video Art + Film + Media Festival: The Light Image”, Palermo.

             “Hight deBiennal of Young Artists of Europe and the Mediterranean” VII edition, Turin.

1995      “The word and the look” . Palace of Exhibitions- Rome

             “Short Circuit” 1995 European Festival of Audiovisual Communication, Mercadante Theater, Naples.

1994      “Norsk-Videofestival”, HovikoddenKunstcenter, Oslo.

             “Intollerant” Gallery Nova, Rome.

             “Ante Rem Post Rem S. Domenico”, XXXVII Festival of the Two Worlds, Spoleto.

             “Against the Warm” Municipality’s park, Turin.

1993      “ Light Box” Salon Gatti, Viterbo.

1992      “ Invitation Italian TER XXXVII” International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Municipality of Termoli (CB).

1991      “Air of Rome” Ripe S. Genesio (MC).

1990      “Artlake” Lake of Monate (VA).

1989      “The  Surface Space”   Materials of Contemporary Art, Monteciccardo (PS)

1988      “Fabriano (c) art”Fabriano.Palace of BuonGesù

 Personal Expositions

2017     "Liquid state" performance and video installation at MESIA SPACE - Largo Mesia, 3 - Rome

             “ I wear art”   at the gallery Frames of art- Rome - performance "Twenty minutes of size and sewing"

2006     “Comparison of artists” (an adventure of the spirit) Viterbo Church of S. Egidio

2001      “ Inhabitants or The Glass Interior People”,  Goethe Institut-Rome - Vertical Music Festival (2001 Project) Rome

1996      “Inhabitants” - Jeacques Coeur Gallery, Montpellier.

1995      “The silence of the silent fitness” -Cité International Universitaire, Paris.

1993      “Zapping “ Nova Gallery, Rome.

1990      “Changes”-  Museum Laboratory University "La Sapienza", Rome.

1988      “The space of the present”- Sala 1, Rome.



 2017     "Liquid state" 11 '

              "Twenty minutes of size and sewing" 5 '

              "Present immobility" 2 '

2012      “Body to Body”  7 '

2006 -11 “At home”  15 '

2003-05 “I did not notice it “   2, '40 ''

1997      “Comfortable Accommodation”   10 '

             “My Brother n.1”    5 '

             “My Brother n.2”    5 '

             “ My Brother n.3”    5 '

             “The inhabitants of the glass interior”   (2nd version)

1996      “The inhabitants of the glass interior”   (version I)         

1992      “These are not meteors”    5 '

1991      “Changes”      15 '




2016      Presentation of his work at MESIA SPACE - Largo Mesia, 3 - Rome

2016      Series of events and exhibitions in the spaces of the Home Gallery "Interior 7" Rome

2015      Inauguration of the Home Gallery "Interior 7" Rome with the event "Artemoda"

2011      Presentation of the video "At home" at Duncan 3.0 space in Rome

2007      Musical Project Ex-Mattatoio SMPT Concert Hall Rome, XIV Edition Electroacoustic music, multimedia works, contaminations,musical                  theater,

2003      "Arione", visual and video art of the musical theater work:, XXVI Vertical Music Concert Season Auditorium  of the Goethe Institut in                  Rome

2002      Presentation of the emmebiFactory at the headquarters of the AccademyFilarmonicaRomana, with Mauro Bagella and Maria Lisa                        Monna(

             Care of the exhibition "" XXV Vertical Music Concert Season “video art and sound experimentation” at the Goethe Institut in Rome

2001      Care of the "Music and Picture" exhibition XXIV Vertical Music Concert Season at the Goethe Institut in Rome

             “All the power is to create”: urban interventions and direct on the net.

             “Inhabitants”: Internet based video installation ( is still open)


Selected bibliography

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Donatella Vici was born in Rome, lived in Paris and Oslo, now lives and works in Rome. After her Bachelor Degree in conservation from the Superior Central Institute of Restoration of  Rome (ISCR) from 1979 she she attended courses in engraving techniques at the National Chalcography of Rome.

She’s carried out artistic activity since 1984;  she  started using techniques of graphics and collage. Her particular interest in paper as material culminated, in1988, in the exhibition "The space of the present",  at the Sala 1 Gallery in Rome, where she presented  the work "In the beginning", a triangle based labyrinth of Japanese paper 9 metres wide and 2 metres high. This work was the beginning of a series of installations  realized until 1991; in theseshe used various materials, such as water, ice, glass.

The personal exhibition "Changes", curated by Simonetta Lux,was  inaugurated in June 1990 at the Laboratory Museum of University La Sapienza in Rome. It was a big installation consisting of three metal tanks containing three different states if matter (water, glass, paper dust).

Since 1991 Vici's art has includeded new techniques, such as photography, video and video installations. In 1994 she was in Oslo at theNorsk-Videofestival, in 1995 in Naples at the European Festival of Short Audiovisual Communication ("CortoCircuito"), in 1997 in Palermo at the "The Light Image". Personal exhibitions increased: in 1995 " The silence of the silent witness” at the Cité International Universitaire in Paris, in 1996 the "In Habitans" at Jacques Coeur gallery in Montpellier.

In 1997 she studies electronic composition and collaborates with French composer Christine Groult, her teacher ofthe electro-acoustic composition course at the Pantin’sMunicipality  Conservatory (Paris). In 1998-99 she comes back to Italy and shifts her attention to urban performance and to apeculiar use of advertising spaces. In 2000 she founded the cultural association Bluklein, and planned a center for modern and contemporary art restoration.

Since 2002 she realizes several videos and is a co-founder of ”EmmebiFactory” with Mauro Bagella(composer) and Maria Lisa Monna.

In 2012 her interest in sound vibrations takes herto the realization of the "Body to body" video. In 2015 she founded the Home Gallery "Interior 7" in Rome.

In 2016 she joins the group of artists of MESIA SPACE (Largo Mesia 3 – Rome) where, in 2017, she realizes "Liquid State", a performance and video installation.



Donatella Vici  during the performance:

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