Mirko Magnalardi Baffetti

Mirko Magnalardi Baffetti was born in Rome in 1976. In 1996 he obtained his high school Diploma as “Animation technician” after attending the Institute for Cinematography and Television R. Rossellini of Rome. In 1997 he enrolled at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Rome where in 2002 he obtained Sculpture Degree. In 2007 he qualified as professional Art Teacher after obtaining second level degree in Art and Image. Acutally he works as a teacher at various secondary schools in Rome.
His artistic work is characterized by an interest about time and pictures fixed in a few frames to suggest movement and an idea of continuity in space. He works with simple and geometric elements of plexiglass and aluminum where he applies pictures or drawings lines.


Main art attendance :

11-15 Giugno 2003 - In circo - Ritmi visivi", exhibition of Contemporary Art at the Palarozzi of Villa Pigna in Folignano (AP) - Artwork: “Sequence in the mirror 1, 2, 3” e “Onde”

Novembre 2006 - Scenography of theatrical show “Betulla, the ecologist witch”, by Pantigans company, Rome

1-10/07/2006 “Isole/Island/Islas - eighth international exposition of “artwork book” of Rome at casanatense library in Rome - Artwork: “Transmutation”

From12/07/2014 to 10/08/2014 “Via Roma come via Margutta” for the event “Isola pedonale centro storico S.Marinella -Estate 2014” by “Agorafilia” Artwork: “Travel”

07/12/2016 “Writers wars della madonna” at Ex Dogana in Rome - Artwork: “Transfiguration”.

22/06/2017 Creation of decorative wall painting at I.C Rosmini (primary school), Rome.

25/11/2017 Bauhaus Home - Home gallery/artist residence - (Collective) Photographic and video installatione :"Hands" and "Drops"

Sequence in the mirror 1
The Lovers