Sonia Mancini

Sonia Mancini, born in Rome on 21/09/1971. She studies, works in Rome. Works in the field of conservation and restoration of artistic heritage.

Roma3 University Rome - History and Conservation of Artistic Heritage

qualifies for the restoration of the ancient door.
The passion is born from a family tradition and develops in apprenticeship lessons at the shops of the historic center of Rome, an attitude that will open the first art workshop to her in 1996 and mature a decade of experience in the artisan and artistic sector.
Activities and Associations: Individual enterprise in the field of wood restoration from 1995 to 1999, from 1999 to 2015 entrepreneur at the Fores Domus sas company in Rome, furnishing, restoration and decoration industry.
e has been working as a freelance professional since 2015, dedicating herself to artistic and cultural education.

Specialization in design and project-design, pictorial and wood restoration, trompe d'oil decoration, decapè, gildings, fake marbles, and decorative techniques made on wooden board, canvas or other support, prepared in the laboratory with traditional techniques, and modern - powder pigments and animals glue, gilded gold, silver - , optimization of finishes. Copy reproduction of ancient authors.

Sonia Mancini  is collector of Ancient Doors works and collaborates with architects, decorators and art curators and works to propose solutions in interior design.
The Ancient Door is an artwork and she is dedicated to studing the shape of the object, the image and symbol it represents.

e has elaborated and wishes to relize the Sonia Mancini project : Progetto Regina - Le Porte del Carcere, a trip through ten original doors of a prison, a journey through ten fundamental human life conditions, lived in linear sequence, one behind the other. The conditions and emotions that she wants to present as installations are not disconnected, but each one belongs and each contains, in mutual possession, just to describe ten vital worlds that each possesses, ten inner states of being, lived moment by moment and in exchange for each other. All the possible dynamics of human experience are described by a space, called a detention chamber, where the protagonists, the door and the key, in the figures of the "prisoner" and the "guard" are in constant dialogue. These dialogues are interpreted by voices and drawn faces and paintings, and they tell the experience of the vital state through the interpretation of the artists.

ome works done and published:

Publication 1998 - The World Of Interiors - "Modern Medici" for Contemporary by Valentina Buscicchio
Video year 2000 - "Rom 2000 Von Gottern und Menschen" production Filmmedia for ZDF
Publication Year 2008 - The Sun 24 Hours No. 16 - "Antiquity and Restoration - Fores Domus, the guardians of the tradition"
Publication year 2009 - L'Officiel N. 70 "Bottega Romana" Domenico Cennamo and Sonia Veleno
Publication of the Year 2012 - "Repertoire of the Excellens in Rome" by CNA of Rome and Rome Chamber of Commerce - Recognition of the Excellens in Rome
RAW Rome Art Week edition 2016 with the work "Collera" -  Progetto Regina - Le Porte del Carcere by Sonia Mancini.
RAW Rome Art Week edition 2017 with the work "Ecstasi" -  Progetto Regina - Le Porte del Carcere by Sonia Mancini.

Sonia Mancini
Via dei Cappellari, 85 - 00186 Rome
Cell 366 3834719
facebook: porte antiche di sonia mancini


Sonia Mancini's door of the Eighteenth Century's style
Door n. 3 : (Sketch) Animality  - Work in progress
Door n. 3 : Animality - The Doors of the Prison by Sonia Mancini
Door n. 3 : Animality - The Doors of the Prison by Sonia Mancini