Giuliana Silvestrini

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Giuliana Silvestrini works between Rome and Monterotondo (Rome) her place of origin. Biologist, Counselor in Arthémotherapy, holds a MA degree at Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. Giuliana Silvestrini expresses herself in painting in an informal way; in sculptures / installations, in dialogue with painting, there are traces of time, minimal stories, memories, identities. Attentive to "recovery", uses used clothes, disused fishing nets, old pots, and dry bread crumbs. It uses different media, from video to sound processing, to a neo-conceptual art that in a space / time dimension tends to the founding principle of "open work".

Personal exhibitions

2021 Fluxus bipersonal by Giuliana Silvestrini and Carlo Franchini, M. Rotondo, RM; 2019 Battiti RAW, edited by R. Melasecca, RM; L'Atelier by Giuliana Silvestrini, M.Rotondo, Rome; 2017 Ri-tratti, La Scala d'Oro, Jury Prize, Rome;2016 Se tradere Bramante Cloister Cafeteria, Rome; 2015 Non posso farne a meno, Scuderie Aldobrandini of Frascati, Rome.

 Collective exhibitions

2022 "Premio Parisi" (CE); 2021 "Mail Art Project", BI; "Migrazioni" e "Arte in Giardino", M.Rotondo (RM); 2019 "Exuperanti FORM", RM; Premio Lynx. TS; "Siamo umani", Graphica Campioli, M. Rotondo (RM). "Presences contemporary", Parete (CE). "Beyon Borders / across the border", Venicelands Art Prize, Treviso. 2018 "Natale nell'arte", Rome. "Materia cruda", RAW, Rome. "Spoleto International Festival", Spoleto. "Trairamidellarte", Tarquinia, VT; "Tiny Biennale", Temple University, Rome; "IL viaggio", RAW, Rome. 2017 "Tiny Biennale", Temple University, Rome. 2016 "Oltre i libri", Biblioteca Angelica, Rome; "Elate Memories", Lavagna (GE); "The beast and the beautiful", Studio S - Contemporary Art, Rome . "Nexus", Rome Art Week. 2015 "Varco", Aquila; "Flaps, Openings and Profanations", Rome; "Music Encounters. Musica and images", Montefiascone; "Culture or Food Art", Studio S - Contemporary Art, Rome, "Pigneto Open City", Rome; "The Harvest: Artist Tables", Humanitarian Society, Milan. 2014 "Pigneto Open City", Rome; "Satura International Contest", Genoa; 2013 "Artfair", Padua ";" Contaminations ", Teatro dell'Orologio, Rome; "Cantos" "Centro Congressi Frentani, Rome; "Sound Atlas", Popular School of Music of Testaccio, Rome; "Cantieri d'arte / minimal common multiple", online exhibition,, Viterbo; "Minks 03", Inart Association, Rome; "Pigneto citta aperto", Rome; "In the theater" Sala Petrolini, Castel Gandolfo, Rome; "Self-portrait" - Academy of Fine Arts of Rome, Rome; 2012 "Artemisia" Academy of Fine Arts of Rome, Rome; "Festival of green and landscape", Academy of Fine Arts of Rome at the Auditorium, Rome; "Vision 02" Cultural Association "Inart.", Rome; "Traces", Piazza S. Cosimato, Rome; "Pigneto Open City", Rome; "Satura Arte Collection, Genoa;" Enigma ", Magma Museo di Roccamonfina (Caserta); "The revealed word" Palazzo dei Papi, Viterbo; 2011 "Documenta Film Festival", Academy of Fine Arts of Rome, Sezze Romano, Rome; "Lune di Primavera", Associazione 8 Marzo, Perugia; "People" Magma Mediterranean Association, Palermo; 2010 "Spring Festival, the art of the company's service", Rome Academy of Fine Arts, Rome; "Arte in fieri", Punto estatico, Rome; "Vision 01", Inart Association, Rome; "Sacredness and Tolerance", Soqquadro Association & Vista, Rome; "ART IS NOT DEAD", Galleria Cassiopea, Rome; "The Wall 1989-2009", traveling exhibition, at the Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis National Art Museum, Kaunas (Lithuania) and Genoa (Italy); "Saturissima", Genoa; "Young Showcase", Museo Magma, Roccamonfina (Caserta); 2009 "SaturArte 2009", Genoa; "III GenovArte Biennale", Genoa.


2019 Artist selected by Venicelands Art Prize, Treviso; artist reported by COCA Prize. 2018 Spoleto Art Festival Award; 2017 Artist selected by Combat Award, Livorno; 2016 Award "beyond books", Library Angelica, Rome;  Prize Borgo in The Golden Ladder, Rome; 2015 Winner of Artistic Exchange Exchange between Students Fine Arts Arts in Italy, Humanitarian Society, Milan; 2013 Artist Selected by Celeste Prize; 2011 Vincitice Spring Honeymoon Contest, Perugia.






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re-birth  detail
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