Ilaria Aprile

Born in Rome on 9 November 1981.

Designer and artist for passion.

Graduated in Design and Visual Communication. She attends the Scuola Romana del Fumetto and various Ateliers of Roman artists where She refines her technique and begins the search for his pictorial gesture.

Her multishaped creativity has been formed between colors and canvases that she uses as an expressive medium, constantly evolving emotionally.

The shades of colors pass through the simple and pure filter of meditation, simple and pure like the plastic subjects of her creations.

Creations where the human soul transpires in the bodies that have been defining through the years. Meditation that often seems tobe incontrast with the instinctive, fast use of the gestures and material elements she uses in her works, up to a sort of figurative abstractionism.

Since 2008 she has exhibited and participated in various artistic happenings, also performing live works. Among the most important places where she exhibited her works there is the EAC (Elettronic Art café) at Camponeschi in Piazza Farnese.


July 2017: Ehxibition with Seppia's Blue Artistic Collective All Scanner 2017 at Monk Rome

July 2017: Collective Ehxibition Summer Summer Open Art at Ass. Morsi d'Arte Roma

June 2017: Exhibition with the Seppia Artistic Blue Collar at Crack – Fumetti Dirompenti 2017- Forte Prenestino Roma

May 2017: Collective Ehxibition FLUO EXPERIENCE at Ass. Morsi d'arte Roma

April 2017: sHe competes with the opera VERBUM CARO FACTUM EST at the Biennale d'arte di Roma 2018- Sardinia Museo Sa Corona Arrubia (VS)

February 2017: ET AMO at Ass. Art Morsium, Rome June 2015: Exhibition in the foyer of the Millelire Theater-Rome

May 2015: show at the "Camponeschi Wine Bar" Rome

December 2014: Live performance at "The Secret Gallery" Rome for Finissage of the exhibition "Women Who Did not Say"

May 2013: Live performance and show at the "Camponeschi Wine Bar" - Rome February 2013: Collective exhibition at the Academy of Egypt in Rome

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Uncountable Serie #1 - Water (detail)
Uncountable Serie - Green  #2