Chiara Fantaccione

Chiara Fantaccione was born in 1991 in Terni.

She gratuated at the Accademia di Belle Arti of Perugia and at the RUFA - Rome University of Fine Arts.

She takes part in several group exhibitions, including Chilometro 0, at The Gallery Apart, Assurdità Contemporanea at the Temple University Gallery in Rome, In da Place and Out of Space, at Spazio In Situ. In 2019 she exhibited Area Videosorvegliata at Una Vetrina.

In 2017 she held an artistic residency at the Opificio della Rosa, in the castle of Montefiore from which the artist's book Imprinting was published and it’s currently in the collection of the National Art Library, at the V&A Museum in London, where in 2018 she does another residence at the East London Printmakers.

From 2017 she is part of the artist-run space Spazio In Situ, located on the suburbs of the capital.

Her research focuses on the contemporary use of image and technology and on their superimposition to reality.

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