Raul Grisolia

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In my art I have always have experimented and challenged myself with different materials, working in traditional mediums like canvas and paper,  but also with film, and more recently with cor-ten iron and oxidized steel.  My paintings and images have been inspired by living and working in different countries; a nomadic artistic path from Warsaw to Marseille to Rome, where I now reside.

My first experiences were as a film-maker, with a short film shot at the IRCAM in Paris (Rogue 1986) and subsequently my visual research merged into other art forms like painting and sculpture. There is no linear evolution to my work, no single theme that runs through like a thread. The creative process is like a battle between myself and the material, and the outcome is a risk. For me there must be a physical relationship with the medium, iron for example, for the final picture to have its meaning.  

My work has been shown in many exhibitions and galleries across Europe during the last 25 years. The most recents were the exhibitions in the historic Torre di Mola public space in Formia (2016) and as part of the RomeArtWeek in 2020/2022. I held personal exhibitions  in Rome  at Palazzo Valentini (1992), Galleria Yanika (1993), and Galleria Ioansen (2002). There were also exhibitions at the Italian Culture Institute  in Krakov (1994), and in Warsaw at the Galleria Zapiecek  (1994) and Galleria PN (1995).  

Briefly a summary of the course of my studies and work:

  • Degree in History of Theatre at "La Sapienza" University in Rome.
  • Master in Cinema in Paris 1 Sorbonne and Nanterre University with Jean Rouch.
  • PhD in Cinema and Arts in Aix-Marseille 1 University.
  • In the same University HDR, Research Director for Arts, Performance, Music and Aesthetics.       
  • Lecturer of Documentary Cinema and Film History in the University of Warsaw and Aix-Marseille 1 and at the Department of Art History and Performance Arts of "La Sapienza " University in Rome.
  • Collaboration in the doctoral course of Theatre, Performing Arts Studies, Cinema and Digital Technologies of "La Sapienza " University in Rome.      
  • Living in Rome and working as a teacher of Literature and History in an Art High School.      
  • Author of essays and books on different audiovisual areas. 
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Wall, mixed media on cor-ten steel, cm 40x70, 2022
Into the mirror, mixed media on cor-ten steel,  cm 40x60, 2022
Net, mixed media on cor-ten steel, cm 20x70, 2022
Prisoner, mixed media on cor- ten steel, cm 40x60, 2022