Antonella Privitera

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Antonella Privitera was born in Rome in Sicilian family on the 19/05/1960.

Antonella Privitera started her artistic career a few years ago with great personal satisfaction: her work is present in various private collections even in the houses of fashion and enterprising personalities.
She spends a lot of time in Africa, teaching "Art and Creativity" in Kenya's schools. Thanks to the experiences in the land where everything has started,  her creations are the reflection of a spiritual path and inner growth in search of the sacred meaning of Namasté: " my soul greets your soul." Over the years, she has not interrupted the production of art, especially during those periods of life that today, after years, Antonella calls "intense and decisive", letting it be understood as the artistic expression for the Roman artist , that Art for her has never been an accessory, but the very essence of one's own existence.

Antonella, wife, mother and active professional, after spending a few days in the Fendi Press Office, becomes the designer of her own swimsuit line. After the experience in fashion world, she begins to look for the same color combinations that she used to compose in the fabric, giving it a new life on supports such as wood or metal: her favorite materials "as the base of a recognized and recognizable style". The coldness of the metal is warmed, not only, in contact with the heat emanated from the wood, but also by the approach to other elements that belong to the earth, such as the stones and sand collected in journeys in every part of the world. Most of the work where Buddhist philosophy emerges, are characterized by a marked antithesis between a strong structural intensity and a human figure, mostly feminine, whose presence is sometimes only suggested and others (often dramatically) represented. Her artwork investigates spiritually about the mystery of life and encounters, becoming a tangible representation. Antonella's new poetry, premiered this week of RAW the concern for a world increasingly deprived of its political, social, climatic and economic stability ; the world is changing, we feel unable to come up with effective solutions. This is the foundation of Antonella Privitera's most recent artistic production, and is from here that one seems to coach , despite all, a glimmer of light of hope: In these pieses the world is black gets burnt, cut out, but the crystals gets squashed onto the better surface  implies the idea of brightness. Antonella truly suggest there's rebirth beyond the shattering.


Galleries: 2012 via of Jesus and Maria Rome
Personal exhibitions:

June 1, 2008 Gallery of the house of Sant 'Ubaldo, Gubbio, staff of Antonella Privitera by art & surroundings

1st June 2015 "ALluminazioni" Carrozzeria Beautiful Car in via Campopensiero 129 inside industrial warehouses, curated by Miriam Castelnuovo

3 April 2017 Staff of Antonella Privitera "Le Stanze degli Angeli", at the property for rent - Engel & Voelker Rome, curated by Miriam Castelnuovo.

14 ottobre 2017 Amaci giornata del contemporaneo, curatrice Miriam Castelnuovo

17 maggio 2018 collettiva Palazzo Velli Roma Arte Borgo Gallery


30 maggio 2018 luce in movimento circolo canottieri Roma

18 giugno 2018 vibrazioni di frequenza le Colonial via fleming 55 Roma

21 luglio 2018 Atelier Galerie Xavier Hortala 11 rue Malpagne, Granville (F)

actually curated by Adelinda Allegretti

22 ottobre 2018 Raw curatrice Adelinda Allegretti

1 dicembre 2018 Personale Auditorium Roma "Il mondo a pezzi" curatrice Adelinda Allegretti

10 dicembre 2018 Personale Gualdo Tadino, curatrice Adelinda Allegretti

15 dicembre 2018 international exibition Galleria Farini , espace Thorigny  Parigi 

17 gennaio 2019  Art Innsbruk a cura Adelinda Allegretti

6 luglio 2019  Contemporanei in dialogo Casa dei Carraresi Treviso- Arte Borgo Gallery

7 settembre 2019 Inside Art Galleria Aragòn Barcellona a cura Arte Borgo Gallery




Il curriculum organico viene visualizzato solamente per gli artisti iscritti a CertArt che abbiano inserito le attività. Scopri di più su
“Change” carved Iron panel  cm 62x60x0,30
Planisphere polyurethane , resins and acrylics on alluminium cm 150x120
Rome  Alluminium panel , acrylics cm 62x 62
N.y. Alluminium panel , acylics cm 62x62

Events at Rome Art Week

26-28 Oct 2020 | 15:30-20:00
Antonella Privitera


Open Studio
Show-room al 24 A
Via Archimede, 24 A - Roma
28 Oct-11 Nov 2020
We As Nature
47 artists confront each other on the theme of nature


Hotel Ripa
Via degli Orti di Trastevere, 3 - Roma
28 Oct 2020 | 17:00-21:00
We As Nature - Presentation
47 artists confront each other on the theme of nature
Free admission
Event only Online
21-26 Oct 2019 | 15:30-17:00
Antonella Privitera

Free admission
Open Studio
Studio Antonella Privitera
via della farnesina 11g /Hotel Minervae - Roma
23-25 Oct 2019
L’Infinito - Più vicini all’universo dove annega il pensiero
Progetto per il bicentenario de L’Infinito di Leopardi
Free admission
Vernissage Wednesday 23 Oct 2019 | 17:00
Complesso Monticello
Via Aurelia, 278 - Roma
22-24 Oct 2018 | 11:30-16:00
Antonella Privitera

Free admission
Open Studio
Studio Antonella Privitera
via della farnesina 11g - Roma
10-12 Oct 2017 | 18:30-20:30
Antonella Privitera

Free admission
Open Studio
Studio Antonella Privitera
Via Archimede, 24 - Roma
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