Luca Giannini

Luca Giannini (Bologna, 1972) grows as an artist at RUFA Rome University of Fine Arts, where, between 2001 and 2008, he attends the course of painting held by Tullio De Franco, the one of sculpture held by Davide Dormino e the one of engraving held by Maria Pina Bentivenga. Since 2007 he exhibited in important public venues and private galleries and his artworks are included in national and international collections. In the same years he took interest in photography and interior design: in Sicily he founded Anime a Sud, an original project aiming at the architectural renovation of abandoned properties to be reconverted into niche accommodation structures combining art, design and ecology. Through symbolism embodied into matter, his works (paintings, drawings, sculptures and photos) investigate the ecological and social conflicts of our time, the relation between man and universe, the mystery of our origins and the human journey towards the limits of the unknown.  He currently works between Rome and Sicily. 

Solo exhibitions
2020 - RAW Rome Art Week 5th edition - Carlo D'Orta Art Studio/Gallery - "Miraggi" bi-personal show curated by Sabrina Marenzi
2019 - RAW Rome Art Week 4th edition
2019 - Studio Tiepolo 38 art gallery, Rome - "Il peso delle stelle" curated by Viviana Quattrini
2018 - Summerour Architects, Atlanta (USA) - "Odysseia" curated by Keith Summerour and Stephanie Brown
2017 - RAW Rome Art Week 2nd edition
2016 - RAW Rome Art Week 1st edition
2014 - Art Gallery Il Laboratorio, Roma - "Riflettori sulla Terra" 
2014 - Residenza A, Roma - recent works
2012 - Cultural Center Elsa Morante, Roma - "Cibernetica e Alchimia" curated by Pier Luigi Manieri, Zètema
2010 - BuildingCase space, Roma - "Vacuum Materiae" curated by Gianni De Mattia
2009 - Spanish Fortress of Porto Santo Stefano - "Progetto per un’Arca" curated by Gianni De Mattia
2009 - Centro Studi di Orvieto - "Una nuova terra e’ possibile" curated by Gianni De Mattia
2009 - Massenzio Art Gallery, Roma - "Seconda Terra" curated by di Alessandro D'Ercole
2008 - Palazzo Chigi, Formello - Museum of Chemestry of the University "Sapienza” - Velux-Atika Auditorium Parco della Musica, Roma - "Catarsi" curated by Luigi Campanella
2007 - RufArtGallery, Roma - "Mater" curated by Andrea Romoli Barberini
2007 - FYR Art Gallery, Firenze - "Oltre3"

Group exhibitions
2020 - Art Mogao Caves - Selected at the Contest of Contemporary Sculpture promoted by Gansu Silk Road International EXPO (China) for the realization of sculptures at the Unesco historic site of Mogao Caves
2017 - Galleria Bobez, Palermo
2015 - ISA Istituto Superiore Antincendi, Roma - 20th Massenzio Arte cultural association
2014 - Galleria DAMArte, Magenta -DamPrize 2014
2012 - Cultural Center Elsa Morante, 32nd FantaFestival of Roma - "Mondi Lontanissimi" curated by Pier Luigi Manieri and Raffaele Soligo
2012 - Cultural Center Elsa Morante, Roma - "Synthesim 365" curated by Pier Luigi Manieri, Zètema
2011 - ArtRom Gallery, Roma - "Tutte le strade" curated by Elizabeth Genovesi
2010 - Forte Village, Cagliari - "Summer Contemporary Art" curated by Art Events
2010 - Castel Monastero Tuscan Retreat, Siena - art exhibition curated by Mazzoleni Art Gallery
2007 - ISA Istituto Superiore Antincendi, Roma - 11th Massenzio Internazional Prize
2007 - FAO World Food Day 2007, Roma - "100 artworks for the right to food" curated by FAO and RUFA Art Academy
2006 - Teatro Massimo, Palermo -  photo contest "Io Vedo" promoted by the Environmental Protection Agency of Sicily
2006 - IPSAR Istituto Portoghese di S. Antonio, Roma - "Art for Africa" in support of AMREF curated by RUFA Art Academy, under the patronage of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and the Municipality of Rome

Projects and acnowledgments
2015 - Selection of works for the film set "Fai bei sogni" by Marco Bellocchio, in collaboration with Kavac Film
2014 - Finalist at DamPrize for sculpture
2013 - Museo MACRO Testaccio, Roma - Finalist at Adrenalina Art Prize 
2013 - COBAT - artwork commission for the President room
2013 - Architecture and interior design for Residenza Hortus, Modica
2011 - Castel Monastero Retreat - Working on commission for a Via Crucis inside the Church of SS. Jacopo and Cristoforo
2010 - Artefact Hotel Art Consultants - selected for the permament collection of Castel Monastero Retreat
2011 - Borgo Egnazia Resort – art session for RBS Royal Bank of Scotland, promoted by AWE
2009 - Architecture and interior design for Casa Kimiyà, Modica
2007 - Winner of 11th International Massenzio Prize for painting
2005 - Environental Protection Agency of Sicily - 2nd Prize at the photo contest "Io Vedo" about sustainability and ecological issues

Viviana Quattrini - "Il peso delle stelle" (2019)
Roma Italia Lab – interview to Luca Giannini during RAW 1st edizione (2016) 
Pier Luigi Manieri, Raffaele Soligo - “Mondi Lontanissimi” (2012) 
Synthesim 365 - Catalogue curated by Zètema (2012) 
Gianni De Mattia – “Vacuum Materiae” (2012) 
Article on "Il Messaggero" newspaper - 11/04/2009 
Alessandro D’Ercole – “L’infinito attraverso la bellezza” (2009) 
Young Blood 2007 - Annual of the italian talents awarded in the world - Iron Editor (2007) 
Catarsi – catalogue edited by Arti Grafiche Boccia (2008) 
Cento Opere per Il Diritto all’Alimentazione – catalogue edited by FAO (2008) 
S. Tigani, "Madre e Terra”, Quotidiano della Sera magazine - 30/10/07 
11th International Massenzio Prize – catalogue curated by Massenzio Arte cultural association (2007) 

Rotta per le Esperidi (2019) - charcoal, china ink, pencil, golden leaf and wax on paper  105 x 76 cm
Dal libro della Genesi (2019) - hydrochloric acid and oil pastel on iron - cm 172 x 240
Naufragio (2017) - Acrylic and charcoal on paper  100 x 150 cm
Cala la sera sul mediterraneo - acrylic, charcoal on canvas - 200 x 140 com (2020)