Luca Giannini

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Luca Giannini (Bologna, 1972) attended the courses of painting, sculpture and engraving held by Tullio De Franco, Davide Dormino and Maria Pina Bentivenga at the RUFA Art Academy in Rome. His research, through different media, investigates the complexity of the relationship between man and nature: maps and books, amphorae and arks, islands and whales, planets and constellations emerge from corrosion, ashes, stratifications of pigments and narrate environmental conflicts, ancient and contemporary routes, lost knowledge, Mediterranean myths and celestial alchemy.

Education and Workshops
2010InArt Cultural Association, Roma Italy | Learning and techniques for art pigments,
2005-2009RUFA Art Academy, Roma Italy | Courses of painting, sculpture and engraving,
Awards and honors
2020#DomaniInArte contest, GAM Galleria d'Arte Moderna, Roma Italy | selected artist,
Art Mogao Caves - sculpture contest, Gansu Silk Road International EXPO & Accademia dei Romani, Roma Italy | selected artist,
2014DAMPrize, Galleria DamArte, Milano Italy | finalist artist,
2012Adrelanina International Prize 1st edition, MACRO Testaccio, Roma Italy | selected artist,
200711th Massenzio International Prize, Roma Italy | 1st prize awarded for the painting section,
2005Io Vedo - photo contest, ARPA Sicilia, Palermo Italy | 2nd prize,
Solo show in museums and public galleries
2012Cybernetics and Alchemy, Centro Culturale Elsa Morante, Roma Italy | curated by Pier Luigi Manieri, Zètema, 20 Apr-02 May 2012
2009Project for an ark, Fortezza spagnola, Porto Santo Stefano Italy | curated by Gianni De Mattia, 01-12 Aug 2009
Solo show in Private Galleries
2019The weight of the stars, Studio Tiepolo 38, Roma Italy | curated by Viviana Quattrini, 13-29 Jun 2019
2014Spotlight on the Earth, Il Laboratorio , Roma Italy | 28 Oct-02 Nov 2014
2009Second Earth, Galleria Massenzio, Roma Italy | curated by Alessandro D'Ercole, 26 Mar-04 Apr 2009
2007Mater, RufArtGallery, Roma Italy | curated by Andrea Romoli Barberini, 29 Oct-10 Nov 2007
Solo show in alternative spaces
2018Odysseia, Summerour Architects, Atlanta United States | curated by Keith Summerour & Stephanie Brown, 21-31 Mar 2018
Group exhibitions in museums and public galleries
2020#DomaniInArte, GAM Galleria d'Arte Moderna, Roma Italy | 01 Jul-30 Sep 2020
2012Adrenalina Art Prize 2012, MACRO Testaccio, Roma Italy | 16 Nov-02 Dec 2012
Exhibitions in Private Galleries
2010-2011All the roads, ArtRom Gallery, Roma Italy | curated by Elizabeth Genovesi & Dafne Crocella, 08 Dec 2010-12 Feb 2011
Group shows in alternative spaces
2021-2022Previews from Purgatory, Archeoclub, Aprilia Italy | curated by Giovanni Papi and Viviana Quattrini, 18 Dec 2021-08 Jan 2022
2015Massenzio Arte 20th anniversary, ISA Istituto Superiore Antincendi, Roma Italy | 12-21 Nov 2015
2008Catarsi, Palazzo Chigi, Formello Italy | curated by Luigi Campanella, director of the Chemistry Museum of "Sapienza" University, 05-13 Apr 2008

Vaso bianco, vaso blu (2021) - acrylic and pastel on paper - cm 59 x 41 each
Rotta per le Esperidi (2019) - charcoal, china ink, pencil, golden leaf and wax on paper  105 x 76 cm
Mappa (2021) - acrylic and pastel on military hemp canvas - cm 170 x 150
Naufragio (2017) - Acrylic and charcoal on paper  100 x 150 cm
Arca (2009) - plaster, HD polystyrene, rust, wax - cm 42 x 34 x 36