Giampiero Abate

Airbrushing is my technique.
Acrylic is my color.
Figuration is my expressive research.
The great masters of the past, mainly the Baroque, but also modern and contemporary, are my references
My works are full of beauty, perfection and harmony; mine is an investigation around beauty and our relationship with it.
My technique is based on the use of 3D software to build figures and scenarios, lights and shadows, for a dynamic but also photographic approach. The cut lights, the theatrical lights, the multi-storey cinematographic composition, the expressions of the subjects, are some of the elements that characterize my artistic studio.
The search for new pigments, new color compositions are used to intensify the story.
All this is my painting

Research - Acrylic on Canvas - 70x50cm
Dodecahedron -  Acrylic on Canvas - 100x150 cm
Exahedron- Acrylic on Canvas -  150x100 cm
La Pietà - Acrylic on paper - 50x35 cm