Chicca Savino

She lives and works in Rome, where she was born in 62'. Painting, Sculptor, Interior Designer; she is a volcano full of passion for life and Art.

She started her activities when she was young with her grandfather, with him she made her first oil paintings.

She continued her research and followed The Academy of decorative Art until 2006. In this 2010, her works begin to fill in color by discovering love for pop Art.

Experiences news techniques on canvas, painting animals, monuments or creating portrait. She also find love for matter and with clay begin new works. she follows the sculptor

Massimiliano Giara'studio, which gives her the imprinting and lets works with her ideas. Creates such hight impact pop sculptures.

Today her research in Art is purely directed to send real messages about the great issues of the world, from recycling to human sparring.

she also studies a new type of canvas, which she builds on her own anda makes "You can change", an interactive work that it selected for the XII edition of The Rome Biennale.

Her works are recognizable by her line and line: squares of all colors that fill the figure of the backdrop, all with definite meanings on life. She has exhibited in galleries and

festivals in Italy. Her works are part of italian and foreign private collections

September 2017:

                            "Nothing but Art" International Art price September 26-30 - Palazzo Velli- Rome


July 2017: 

                            " Friendship" International Art Price July - Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt- Rome


May/September 2017:

                             "PresenzeAssenze" Collective Art award for Contemporary art May17/Septemper 17- Eitch Borromini Gallery- Palazzo Doria Pamphili-Rome


March/June 2017:

                            "RiartEco 2017" 13th International Exhibition of works made with waste- 

                             June 15/25 Fabbrica del Vapore- Milan

                             June 3/12 Biblioteca Berio- Genova

                             May 18/30 Palazzo Tursi- Genova

                             May 4/10 Palazzo Patrizi- Siena

                             April 17/25 Palazzo Gradari- Pesaro

                             April 3/11 Città dell'Altra Economia- Rome

                             March 18/28 Villa Rendano- Cosenza


December 2016:

                          "#DistrettoArte" Live Collective- interaction between photograph by Marco Girolami and interpretations by 16 artists- Guido Reni District- Rome

                          "Imaginarium" tripersal of contemporary art- galleria porta mazzini- Rome


October 2016: 

                         "1st International art exhibition of biennal selection of rome XII edition"- Scuderie estensi- Tivoli (Rm)

                         "Art in Art" Collective of contemporary art- galleria Borgo- Rome


June 2016:  

                         "No Regrets" Collective art for charity salvadanai of author- Galleria Micro- Rome

                         "Sperimentazioni" Collective of contemporary art- Galleria Elle- Preganziol (Tv)

                         "Pop Q'4Art" Collective of contemporary art- Hotel Oxford - Rome

                         "Materializzazioni" Collective of contemporary art- Galleria Borgo- Rome


May 2016:

                          " C.O.N.T.E.M.P.O.R.A.R.Y." Collective Neo Pop art- La.Vi.- Rome


May 2014:

                          " 1st edition of the biennal of the dialogue of Spoleto" art collective- galleria ottaviani- Spoleto


July 2013:        "Si scrive legge Vita" represent with her portrait of woman the initiative against femminicidio-patronage of Coni and Roma Natura- RistorArte

                        Margutta e riserva di Monte Mario- Rome


March 2013:

                         " Tratti & Ritratti" personal art exhibition- "libreria dell'Anima" Ice park- Rome





Maiko- clay sculpture and mixed media- W43 x H51 x D47
The Barber- clay sculpture and mixed media- W28 x H45 x D27
Magritte- clay sculpture and mix media -W26 x H43 x D20
The Eternauta- clay sculpture and mixed media- W17-H43 x D20