Olga Volha Piashko
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Olga Volha Piashko was born in 1981 in t Belarus. She belongs to a new generation of unique Russian artists who are free to experiment and embrace any form of expression they find meaningful.Between 1996 and 2000 she attended the Art College A. K. Glebov in Minsk, and then started to study at the State Academy of Arts in Belarus where she graduated with a diploma in Painting (and exhibited her artwork at the seat of the President of the Italian Republic during the awards ceremony the best graduates).Willing to gain experience abroad, she decided to go to Italy mainly because of the country’s powerful artistic heritage. In 2007 she enrolled on the scenography course given by professor F. Zito at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. In 2010 she achieved of getting her undergraduate degree presenting her thesis on the opera “Boris Godunov” by Modest P.Musorgskij. In 2012 she attended a stage at the Opera Theatre in Rome.She is also engaged with different cultural organisations such as the cooperative Federcultura, the Russian Cultural Centre and the Elsa Morante Cultural Centre. Her current artworks carry her signature style, a mixture of the conceptual approach “Spazialismo” and classic portrait.Olga studies the space of the image inspired by the subjective view. Her research combines painting and sculpture. She releases her paintings from their surfaces and transfers her works on the two-dimensional point of view. Therefore she gives the viewer several points of view. Reality is continuously dissolved and revealed in the viewer’s spatial itinerary, representing the idea of the infinity.Exhibitions:- In 2009 at the P. P. Pasolini Theatre by the Ente Pubblico Dipendente (the Public Authority) of the Lazio Region (Rome);- In 2009 at the Art Gallery Porticato Gaetano organised by the Comune of Gaeta (Gaeta);- In 2010 the exhibition “La terra ha bisogno degli uomini” (“Earth needs people”) at the Palace of Caserta, conceived by Francesco Ruggiero (Caserta);- In 2012 the international exhibition “Centro/Periferia” (“Centre/Suburbs”) at the Temple of Hadrian, organised by Federcultura (Rome);- In 2013 the personal exhibition at the Cultural Centre “Elsa Morante” (Rome).2022 Rome personal exhibition "The author reveals himself in his own work" gallery La scala d’oroAwards:- In 2010 the first prize “Illustrating Manzoni” at the Art Museum Costantino Barbella of Chieti by the Carichieti Foundation and the National Centre for Manzonian Studies (Milan).- In 2012 she produced the “Fan” for the Italian President of the Republic G. Napolitano, organised by the Parliament Press.- In 2012 she won the IOC (International Olympic Committee) first prize with the work “In cerca dell’armonia”“(The search for harmony”). The work of art represented Italy at the International Exhibition in London dedicated to the 2012 Olympic Games and held at the Guildhall Art Gallery.- in 2012 she is awarded the “Premio Adrenalina” in the Young category at the Macro Museum for the artwork “Stanza fiscale” (“Fiscal Room”) created together with A. Kurakina.-2014 Rome bi-personal exhibition at the Russian Center of Science and Culture -2014 Rome at the Teatro dei Dioscuri al Quirinnale 2014 Marino at the museum "U. Mastroianni" exhibition "My paradise" -2016 Rome bi-personal exhibition at Lapis @ Co -2016 Porto Cervo, Sardinia at SimonBart Gallery -2016 Oxford, England International Art Fair -2016 Dolceacqua, at Castello dei Doria exhibition "Lights and shadows in Dolceacqua" -2016 Rome at the Costume & Fashion Academy "Art in the Easter egg" organized by Sergio Valente -2017 Salerno "Il Novecento" gallery 2017 Portu Quatu, Costa Smeralda exhibition "Portrait is a Woman" gallery "Il Novecento" -2018 Formello exhibition "All in one piece" Sala Orsini, Palazzo Chigi -2019 Rome exhibition “Mutevole Bellezza” at Cabare Voltaire -2019 Rome "InQuadro" gallery- 2021 Rome Exhibition "Inauguration" Galleria Art G.A.P -2019 Rome "InQuadro" gallery -2021 Rome Leonardo da vinci exhibition 2022 Rome Biennale Anthropocene Galleria Art G.A.PCollections:Ministry of Culture in Belarus (Minsk), Olympic Museum in Switzerland (Lausanne), Giulio Onesti Foundation – Italian National Olympic Academy (Rome), the seat of the Italian President of the Republic in Rome, National Centre for Manzonian Studies (Milan), Macro Museum Foundation (Rome).Olga’s artworks are displayed in different prestigious national Italian and International public authorities.

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