Maren Marie Mathiesen
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Mathiesen primarily works with abstract painting, but also immerses herself in other materials such as handmade paper, installations, sound, and video - always in a very monochromic or minimalistic way. The starting point for her artistic research is the collective human existence, our shared history, and the invisible space that lies between thoughts, actions, contra the visible result of the traces we leave behind.

Her close relationship with Rome began in 1995, when she first moved to the city, and is an important part of her artistic work and a continuous source of inspiration in her works.

She completed her study of fine arts at the Accademia di Belli Arti in 2005 and her artistic research has been honored with several scholarship from danish foundations, such as The Danish Art Foundation, Augustine’s Foundation, Beckett- Foundation, Toyota Foundation and the Royal Queen  Ingrid’s Roman foundation.

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